Hexacopter Project


Hi guys, i want to share my Hexacopter Project.

I designed all the frame parts and cut them out of 2mm carbon fiber in a cnc machine, this is still a prototype, I need to fix a lot of mistakes in a second revision of the frame.










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  • Very nice work! Please tell us when you are going to sell the kit ok?
  • Gemfan makes wood props? Are they any good?

  • Hi all, thanks ;)

    - Yes, my plan is to sell the kits, but i'm still prototyping and learning from mistakes.

    - For the  frame i'm using 1.5mm and 2mm CF Sheet, 22mm CF booms, quadframe.com clamps. Ive also designed a clever and cheap vibration dampening to hold the gimbal (not very visible in the pictures), i'm using a XAircraft gimbal. The electronics i'm using Naza (GPS), T-Motor 4006, DJI 30Amp ESC and flyduino power distribution board.

    - I didn't test how much weight it can carry yet, but my guess is that it will lift around 2000gr and still be stable, even more but efficiency and stability will be reduced.

    - Tube clamps from quadframe.com, but i'm planing to build my own clamps from CF.

    - CNC machine 6090 from cnc-shop.ch

  • Nice! what CNC machine are you using? where to get. price?

    Thanks Pål 

  • That looks very nice! I'm curious about the tube clamp blocks, did you make those or source them from where else?

  • Super Nice! Really sturdy looking, and high finish.

    1. Will you be selling kits? 

    2. What other components are you using? 

    3. Experiences, how much will it carry and fly comfortably with?

    /Magnus, Sweden

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