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  • Chris: That's just mean to tease something like that...

  • 3D Robotics

    Gary: How about five weeks? Stay tuned ;-)

  • This thing lands in your backpack, just unzip and it flys right in, no need for legs. 

  • Distributor

    Still wondering if they plan to land it on the Go Pro or the legs was too unsexy to make it to the video

  • Today they announced that they're using a separate transreceiver operating at 433 MHz or 900 MHz to communicate between the phone and the UAV.

  • Does anyone know (or could make a guess) at how the communication is achieved between the iOS app and the HEXO+? Would it be bluetooth?

  • This is what they need:

    Real object avoidance system.

  • From the project page: 

    Obstacle Avoidance: Right, we know that everybody wants it and that there are solutions out there, but trust us this is no piece of cake. We've had it on the horizon for a while and the one thing we can tell you with certainty is that it will not happen before the actual HEXO+ launch.

    The expectations that they are creating with their promo video are very dangerous. Follow me technology without collision avoidance is very dangerous in any area with other people, people other than you, around. What happens when your HEXO+ smacks into an innocent bystander at 70KPH as you are speeding by on you motorcycle or what ever. I see lawsuits in someones future.

    Follow me is grate tech, don't get me wrong, but you can't sell it the way they are doing it. People on this site may realize that that promo video is BS, but people who buy HEXO+ based on that video may not understand that you can't set your drone to follow you down a busy street and then take off running full speed.

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    +1 foxkid this sort of method will be utterly out of date within 5 years.

  • Camera Tracking ?  Google project Tango & Ara is the future. 


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