Hello everyone,
in this video you can see the first pre-flight testing on the new HG3.2 the airplane has the following features:
Created by Joseph D'Angelo
Hardware and firmware development: Roberto Navoni
Electronic Edge: Ardubotix 1.0A (Multipilot)
Wheelbase: 1.65 m
Maximum dimensions: 2.60 x 2.60 m
V2 Version: hybrid
Electric Motor: Hacker A60
Petrol Engine: Zenoah
Blades: SAB Composite
Frame: DIY

Here we can found the video :

Here you can found the full story :

Blog of Giuseppe Pipposoft for the friends ;) :

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  • Admin
    Variable Pitch like heli rotor head or tail arrangement I guess :))
  • How will this work it only has one engine how can one engine send different rpms to all 4 props how are you going to control this thing.
  • Developer
    Roberto, just one word: awesome!
  • Robero, hats off to you for your wonderfull work !
    Infact you though like me and implimented first ;-))

    Quadrocopter has its own UAV application for short range surveillance.
    This will open new era in the Quadrocopter de sign race..
  • Moderator
    So the lift is around 4 kg the in order to flight is around 12 kg without payload around 8.5 kg
  • Hi all,

    As I understand, in this setting, it is the rotor pitch which is adjusted with a high frequency instead of the rotation speed and therefore, the rotation speed is constant at each given time for all the rotors. if this is the case, I am wondering how this would affect the stability of the quad in general, and its maneuverability in terms of responsiveness in specific.

  • Very nice - should get long flight times.

    What is the total flying weight?
    What is the function of the Hacker A60 motor?
  • Moderator
    Well thought out very cool, I watched the flight video and it sure looks impressive. What do you think the final machine will be able to lift?
  • Nice work, Foxteam is great !
  • Moderator
    Hi Gary ... the first version of HG3 flight and to solve the vibration we use ADXRS 610 Gyro and a big mass where attached imu . The imu is connected to the frame by a silentblock that cut the high frequency vibration ...
    this is the link of our imu
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