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  • T3

    I assume that you are talking about calibrating the HMC5843 magnetometer and not the gyros? If that is the case, I will not be able to help you, I do not have much experience with magnetometers. Hopefully, someone else will help you.

    I could help you with the gyros, but I assume you have them figured out ok.

  • Hello, I'm looking for calibration routine of HMC5843, could you help?
    Point is that I know that for calibration you need rotate PCB in 3-axis, than you got coefficients Xoff,Yoff,Zoff and Xsf, Ysf, Zsf (but each of these coeficients DOUBLES, means you get TWO Xoff, TWO Xsf and etc.)
    So, question is - how to combine it to ONE? Because for hard iron compensation formula is:

    Then I could do tilt compensation.
  • Hi José,
    I am a new comer here and i am collecting as much info as i can to start a UAV project on my own.
    I remenber having seen your site and i will send you an email as i wanted more informations
    about :
    UPV/nMine UAV extension board for OLIMEX LPC-E2468

    Coming baack to this blog,
    I saw your comment above and i am really interested
    "i have not too much time to test it and i am planning to offer some board to some betatesters at cost price."
    Can you please send me your cost price ?
    I am located in France.
    Will you give me the documentation needed to use it ?
    I am thinking about an Easyglider as a first plane.
    I was also interested to try UAV on a quadrotor later on
    Can you explain me , or at least give me some explanations of which code will have to be developped to fly a quadrotor ?
    Thanks a lot
  • Hi UFO_MAN,

    This software is GREATKHAN, this is the software to configure and comunicate with our board.

    you can configure datalogger, real time graphication and make programs in our seudo-language:

  • Cool.

    What kind of graphing / graphic environment are you using on that PC in the background where we can see the orthogonal matrixes in the DCM rotating in respect to the reference coordinate system?

  • Hi Bill, we are making in floating point, we have measured about 5% processor time!

    I am using a LCP2387, of course, there are better microcontroller, with FPU and more speed, but i think it is perfect equilibrium about performance-complexity

    Hi Roy and Mitch,
    i am using a very low cost gyros configuration, 2 x ENC03R and 1 x LISY300AL, i have read bad things about both sensors, but i can demonstrate they work perfectly.

    i am acquiring with LPC´s ADCs, my other board had a 16 bit ADC, but it seems 10 bits are enough

    For Magnetometer, i am using a very new and very small! 3 axis magnetometer from Honeywell: HMC5843, a bit dificult to solder and we have had some problems to have it working but it works really great!

    about accelerometer, we are using LIS3LV02DQ

    very simple board and works perfectly.

    i have not too much time to test it and i am planning to offer some board to some betatesters at cost price.
  • Very nice. It would be great if you could post the schematics of your setup.
  • Jose

    Impressive! What are the hardware details (I'm having some trouble deciphering the picture on my laptop screen)? What is the base processor board?

    - Roy
  • T3

    Well done.

    Did you use integers or floating point to implement the DCM algorithm?

    Best regards,
    Bill Premerlani
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