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  • haha are you serious. I did this alone with no adult supervision. All my work,money, and success. I'm a sophomore in high school.  

  • genious
  • I wondered about the legality. I'm very glad to see that it is allowed:
  • Good for them! These legal amateur flights remind us that what they (and We! ) build are the platforms that will be used for new science and engineering in the future.

    I am a tad jealous that their pictures came of better than ours ;-)
  • When I was in undergrad at Iowa State we did this once a month or so. We launched the balloons from our campus in Ames, and tracked them across the state, the (usually) recovered them.

    Lots of fun :-)
  • No doubt. What I thought significant was that it was a group of high school kids (with adult supervision) who gained international attention. This will motivate many similar efforts, to the horror of FAA and their counterparts worldwide.
  • nothing new, natrium42 done it already a few years ago

    probably they took the idea from the halo project...
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