High Resolution Pictures of Launcher


So I thought I would get some close up shots and higher res video to show some of the finer details of the launcher. Like most things in this hobby it didn't go to plan as when i went to take off the Esc and Motor smoked themselves, so no launch, and after borrowing a friends motor found that he uses 4mm motor connectors and I use 5mm so no go there. Anyway here are some pics.


set and ready to go,


front pulley and release trigger.

Front legs and3689462495?profile=original

Front Legs.


Ram about 1/4 out.


Front trigger about to release.


Trigger Realised.

regards Richie.

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  • Jason, I agree with the safety aspect, the only stored energy is in the compressor section and I leave the air hose unplugged until just about launch time. I then plug the hose onto the launcher and have a manual trigger(which I will mount onto a board soon to allow it to sit on the ground and then I will be able to step on it to send the plane off), currently I am getting an assitant to trigger the launcher while I man the flight controls, my ultimate aim is to get the autopilot sorted, and I would like to be able to put the autopilot into Auto and have it sit quitely on the ramp and once there is movement of the trolley then fire the engine and away we go - all on full auto. Until I work that out I am having fun with it in manual.


  • Looks way safer than the one I built with high start rubber.  Too much energy stored up just before launch.  I estimated 40 lbs of force.  I think your idea is great, I'm going to have to build one of these.

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    Look at his last blog post. He explains it.
  • Where did you get the parts for the ramp?

  • Mike, its a flat bottom wing and I havent measured it but it looks to be inline with the wheels, it would be easy enough to change the angle of attack by moving the brackets on the trolley frame, I have tried to keep it as simple as possible and allow changes for different planes to fit on the trolley frame, my other two planes have similar UC but of course not quite the same dimensions so each wheel platform is well oversized to cater for the differences, if i progress to another style of plane or one with a UC i can quickly make another trolley, i might also remake this trolley lighter to get it moving faster with the same energy levels.


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    Thanks Richie. Do you know how much, if any, the AoI is for the wing (relative to the landing gear?)

  • I will be happy with 50 launches the plane costs 135 so thats less than $3 a launch, given the other risks to the airframe during flight I am not planning on handing the airframe down to the next generation:)

    Ramp angle is 11 deg.

    As for using a bungee, they are alot hard to get consistent launches and can have issues with degrading over time and also were going to cost more than what I spent on the ram.

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    @Gary: how do you recommend that he land?
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    Nice. What is the launch angle?
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    Yep, bungee would be much simpler. Get rid of the wheels, they are drag. I give that airframe 50 launches to distruction.

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