Recent additions to my GCS include the APM binary stream and the UavDevBoard (Matrix Pilot/Serial UDB Extra) data stream plus playback of UDB text file on the Data File tab. Quad model is also a new addition (many more models coming soon). Screen is now resizable and depending upon the instruments size, either the glass cockpit or 3D model can be clicked and selected as the "big" instrument. Minimum screen size is now 800X400 which should work well on older laptops and netbooks.

Next on the To-Do list is APM 2-way with MAVlink support, Installer and more models. Still hoping to add AttoPilot support shortly.

If you're having problems installing, make sure to run the DirectX download EVEN IF you have the latest DirectX installed. These include additional drivers MISSING from the standard DX installer.

Minimum requirement still includes .NET 2.0, Google Earth and the Google Earth API.

Download the latest here:
Links to minimum requirements here:
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  • That I did. The sensor data is only available in MAVlink right now. I don't know if the gyro, accel and mag data is included in MatrixPilot (I haven't seen it listed anywhere in there).

  • Checked !

    It works very well, great work Happy, thanks :D

    I noticed you added sensors too.



  • Ric, I have a new version which allows you to select the servos you want.... input and output....

  • Wow, that's an interesting idea Ed! Thanks for the encouragement!  My guess would be that most developers work on a project like this with just a few testers and little input from the outside world. My stuff I usually throw out there way too early and then I'm scrambling to fix and add stuff as the ideas and bug reports come rolling in.

    The donate button may or may not (I haven't really read the license) be allowed under the GNU licenses. I am making use of other people's source-code and models and I don't want to over-step my bounds and make money from their work.


    Riccardo, I understand what you're asking for. It shouldn't be hard to accomplish (drop down combos to select which I/O you'd like to see.

  • Incredible work Mr. Killmore, bravo, bravo!!!

    It's facinating to watch this develope, you may even consider a donation button for those of us grateful for all your hard work.

  • Happy,


    this is a nice idea. Is it possible to have couple (in / out) with different colors or symbols to have an easier instant look at them ? I mean each couple a color or symbol or frame etc

    What about a little drop out menu (is this the right word ?) to choose which channel being showed on which ladder. You could then solve the channels assignment incoherence I already pointed. Obviously if there is a better way, welcome to it :D



  • Ric, I'll take a look. I think I'm going to make the slider 1/2 the size and show input and output next to each other. I think I'm also going to add this functionality to the ArduPilot Legacy protocol. Unfortunately, MAVlink does not appear to have a channel input message...only output.

  • Hi Happy,

    there is an incoherence between HKGCS servos position ladders with UDB channels assignment.
    Channel 4 input is showing mode (and that's nice), but ch4 output shows rudder.

    Summarizing :
    inputs (RC tx)
    ch1 = throttle
    ch2 = ailerons
    ch3 = elevator
    ch4 = mode
    ch5 = rudder

    outputs (UDB)
    ch1 = throttle
    ch2 = ailerons
    ch3 = elevator
    ch4 = rudder
    ch5 = extrafunctions (camera ?)
    ch6 = extrafunctions (camera ?)

    Best regards,

  • No problem. I'm planning on adding a graph and more options like QGroundControl to the Instruments tabs.... So you can see more detail if you want.
  • Hi Happy,

    I just tried it. It is so useful to have a feedback of servos position during the flight and watch what UDB is doing (and pilot too).

    Thank you very much,

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