HK's GCS v1.1.1 is in need of translators


Version 1.1.1 is ready to be translated. There are currently 206 words and phrases in the list. Anyone who can help me out with this task, please respond below. Thank you!!!


Languages Completed So Far:

pt-BR;Português Brasileiro


Language File Translation Instructions:

1) Download the latest GCS software:
2) Open the Ground Control Station and Click Help, About
3) Make note of the "Current Culture" above the OK button.
4) Press the "F9" key on your keyboard
5) In the program that opens, Click the "Browse Button" and select Strings.resx in the installation folder (if it's missing, download it here: unzip and save it in C:\Program Files\HappyKillmore\GCS)
6) Translate the "Value" column only. Do not change anything in the other columns.
7) When finished, click Save.

8) Send me an email ( including your "Current Culture:" value from step #3, what you'd like to call your language (ie: Español instead of Spanish....I'm going to add an option to override the OS selection) and attach the strings.resx file. I will compile your resx file and send it back to you for review. Place the file I send back in your C:\Program Files\HappyKillmore\GCS\Language folder.

- or with GCS v1.1.8 or newer -


8) Open C:\Program Files\HappyKillmore\GCS\Language and rename the edited strings.resx file to strings.XX-XX.resx where XX-XX is your Current Culture from Step #3 (ie

9) Right click on this file and select Open With -> ResXtoResource.exe

10) If this is a new file, then double click the Languages.txt file and add a reference to your new file including XX-XX;{Language Name} (ie pl-PL;Polski)

11) Start the GCS and select File, Settings and select your new language.

12) Send me an email ( including what you'd like to call your language (ie: Español instead of Spanish and attach your strings.XX-XX.resources and strings.XX-XX.resx files


A few notes about translating

**** Save early and save often! Some users have reported problems saving their file once they're already done translating!!! Try translating a couple and then SAVE! It might save LOTS of wasted effort if you get to the end and then cannot save!!!
1) Anywhere there is a carrat (^) that's a carriage return + new line. Please include this in your string.
2) Anywhere you wee &1 or &2 these are replacement variables which means a number or some other text will be inserted in the string. Please make sure to include these as well.
3) The available space for text is very small, please be as brief as possible.
4) Please keep track of how long it takes (I'm curious) and please let me know if there's anything confusing in there. I can add more comments to the English language file to make things earier.

5) Watch out for abbreviations. There are some VERY short (only 1 letter) translations for things like Right and Left = R and L. Also, things like MPH (Miles per hour) need to be very short. So abbreviate where you can.

For those who downloaded 1.1.0...I forgot to include the program that pops up with the "F9" button. 1.1.1 has it...sorry about that.

Thank you for your time and effort!!!!!

PS, I found the trees in Google Earth! California is hogging all of them!




See how the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,etc stick out like a sore thumb?

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  • i am currently using Windows7 but i can boot Ubuntu too if it helps.


  • I download today the GCS but when i press F9 a window shows up and says that the program stop working.What to do?

    Thank you in advance

  • Great thanks! Gives me something new to learn!
  • I'm using 3D Rad exporter to do the .X files. It's a plug-in found here:
  • I haven't really standardized on much when it comes to the model size... It's somewhere around 43 foot wingspan (I think) and I had been rotating the model as GE and DirectX are off by 180 degrees...but I think I have that fixed. There is a file that gets created in the 3D Models\???? sub folder when you select that model for the first time. What doesn't get added is an argument called Dae URL= which is an absolute URL for the GE .dae file. Let me know if you have any questions.... I've been removing the propellors to make the files smaller and inserting a crude "disc" where the prop is supposed to be... I'm mostly a hack when it comes to the 3D models....
  • OK I have downloaded GS8 Pro. I will work on exporting files. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
  • Well as you may know aircraft design is my background so I would be glad to do the 3D models. It would be neat to see our production aircraft in there as well as the common sUAS airframes. The ones in there are a great start. I just figured I would add my support where I might be useful.
  • Krzysztof, I do appreciate the time you take to test all this stuff...and I know you absolutely know what you're talking about... I do value your bug testing...but the most recent bugs are really far down on the list. I've got so much stuff to add before I get around to those details. It's not that they aren't bugs...they are... just minor detail type bugs that 99.9% of the users won't even notice....ok...the varying levels of support from some protocols....yes...that needs documented....there just isn't time.


    Chris, do you mean other 3D models? Basically, it's a bit of a pain. GE requires a web server to source their .dae files. Some users have suggested using a web server on the local PC to serve up these models...but that's also a ways down on my to-do list. So right now, I'm hosting them on I've already got the code in place to host other models other places. Then Direct X requires a .X version of the model. So I've been using Google Sketchup 8 with a free .X exporter to make both models. It's just a little time consuming...that's all. What models do you want added?

  • Paul what is needed to get other aircraft in the program?


  • T3
    Sorry. I just wanted to point out what is missing from demanding user perspecive. Simply get that feature list, average with others and take a guess what you want to do today. I understand your pain, I am supporting several GCS OUTPUT protocols at the same time. So here I am just cross-testing the protocols.
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