HobbyKing Beer Lift 2012

Looks like the folks at HobbyKing has fully embraced the Multicopter revolution.  To that end, they've created a contest for 2012, the goal of which is to lift our favourite beverages, BEER!  They don't say whether the beer cans need to be full or empty.  I think the goal is to lift as much weight as possible.  So there may be the obvious incentive of lifting many empty beer cans, versus smaller number sadly full cans.

Link to contest is here.

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  • Still have to try though

  • Yea.  I was looking into it.  I just started in this hobby and only have the 3dr.  I better get used to playing with it first before I start building something else. 

  • Just purchases a mikrokopter hexa XL. I guess ill soon be submitting a video with specs as in this video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g56wwlp4p7s

  • Typical can is 355ml, and beer is denser than water, so one can will weigh more than 355grams. My guess is that the 3DR frame will lift a can barely.  However, if you plan to win, you're probably going to have to build a Y6 or Hex at least.

  • If it's the math you're looking for, here's a lift calculator: http://personal.osi.hu/fuzesisz/strc_eng/index.htm

  • Well I am thinking about doing it just because it will be fun.  Thats why I am trying to find the payload of my 3DR quad with the 880 motors

  • Well, hopefully there will be some Arducopter entries.  I'm sure the KK board they sell won't be able to do this stunt, unless the pilot is very good.

  • Well nothing.  I didn't know

  • Why would it be a scam?  Almost everyone on this forum has a Turnigy or Nanotech battery already,  Just shoot some video of it flying a can of beer and send it in.  What can you loose?

  • Is anybody going to do this.  Or is it a scam

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