Some time ago Hobbyking introduced their i86 control board (US$ 21.99), based on a Atmel Mega168PA 8-Bit RISC based micro controller and a single 3-axis MEMS gyro. No mounting holes, you just have to tape it to your frame with double sided tape.

The nice thing about this controller (apart from the powerfull micro controller) is that it comes preconfigured for Tri copters, quad copter (X/+), hex copter/H6 copter  and Y6 Copter. You can select your type of frame by setting the dip switches in the correct settings. All of the mentioned modes can be set in "Normal" mode or "Sports" mode (default normal). There is no need (or possibility) to upgrade firmware. See image below for the setting your frame.

12974_5%282%29.jpgToday Hobbyking released a new version of this multi rotor controller, the i86L (Light Edition) (US$ 18.99). Apart from pricing it is not yet clear what the exact difference is or are between the orignal i86 and the i86L light version.

Specifications for both controllers are:
Input Voltage: 4v to 6v
Input signal: 50hz standard PPM
PWM Frequency: 400hz for ESC, 50hz for servos
Gyro scale: +/- 500dps, ODR: 800hz
Operating temp: -40° C to 85° C
Size: 40mm x 40mm
Weight: 8g



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    I've had a kkboard since Feb 2011 and had no problem with the pots.  They're simple to adjust.  Crank them up until you wobble, and then back them off a bit.

  • On my KK boards I have NEVER had a pot rotate from where I left it, or fail. After a year of usage its pretty reliable and nice to be able to tune it for the weather without a computer.  The pots on this board are even harder to turn. 


    I just got one of these i86 boards and did a lot of test flying yesterday with a quad.  It flies horribly... total rubbish.  Can't get the gains turned up high enough to be stable without oscillations.  Perhaps with flashed ESCs and higher torque motors... but the KK board is MUCH better.  Kaptain Kuk says he's working on firmwares like his quad V4.7 that'll work on this.

  • This is the same as the Eagle N6 V2, the earlier one is a clone of the Eagle N6

    I have this one but not fitted it yet

  • Pots ==> cheap ==> no laptop/computer needed ==> no need to really understand PIDs at a mathematical level.Will Pots fail in this application? Eventually. And I'm sure HK found a lot of pots still around in some warehouse, much like they did with HXT connectors (promising XT-60 connectors on all batteries and then running out of stock).

    Heck, some high tech NASCAR teams still use jets and needle screws to tune carburetors (then again, that's probably unfair since it has a purpose).

  • Anyone know where you connect the ESC throttle connector, when you use this board for a Airplane? As the board asks for the throttle from the Rx to be connected to the board, and the M1 M3 & M5 but no mention where you plug the throttle in to, any ideas?

  • Jack, I agree.  I see a number of Flybarless controllers, even the new Align Autopilot System that use Pots.  I don't get it.

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    That board seems similar to the Eagle N6 MultiRotor Controller?  Either way its a nice cheap controller if you are learning to fly multirotors.

  • agreed Jack,

    If they are anything like every other turn pot i've ever used, just let them sit a week or two and they'll jam irreversibly, never to be turned again.

    problem solved.

  • Can't believe single turn pots are still being used on a vibrating aircraft.  There was a time when  helicopters had a tail rotor gyro tuned that way, but standards have evolved. 

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