39708.jpg?width=300For quite a while, people have been wondering

- When will ESCs be readily available with SimonK firmware pre-flashed?

- When will some easily obtainable ESCs support I2C, so that flight controllers can read motor status?

HobbyKing has provided the answer, with the newly introduced AfroESC.  It's licensed from both SimonK and timecop.

I've started collecting information here, and will update when more information is available.

(short link)


- SimonK preflashed

- Open Source software

- licensed

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  • how are the AfroESC's going for you Alan? was thinking of picking them up

  • My Afro ESCs have arrived - thankfully in slightly less green shrink wrap.  Looking at the firmware available, am I correct in thinking that flashing with the "reverse" version does just that - causes the motor to run in the opposite direction?



  • BTW: How is any esc without an internal voltage regulator supposed to run in the first place? How does it power its' own cpu then? I just think of that 500mA stuff of those esc just as a gimmick to power a simple FC. For everything else you will end up needing a separate powerline. For that price point i think it is completely sufficient if they work as advertised.

  • @Paxmax:

    THANK YOU! ^^

  • Also I think the LM2940 is limited by power dissipation, if you have 3S = 11+V at 500mA out, P_loss = 3W. As it seemed implemented it had a a too small cooling pad so it will max out at around or less than 1W heat capability.

    For 11V = Imax out = 160mA, after that it will switch off, but hey! that's when load sharing will kick in! Hahahaha

  • No, I'm not going to hunt up every (lousy) chinese design, I'm asking for those who spend money to spend it wisely! Multiple regs in parallell CAN share load with some design tricks. But, if the reg is simply LM2940, with standard implementation you SHOULD NOT expect them to share load. LM2940 comes between 4.85-5.15V output voltage and sag is typically 35mV between low and max load. That means, if there is more than 35mV between reg1 and reg2 there is a good chance they will not share load AT ALL. That's just a physical fact, no feelings involved. If the batch of 2940's on the ESC's happens to be very closely matched -Luck of the draw, load share enabled, no problemo.

  • > You cannot just put those BECs in parallel and expect that they share the load equally. Due to tolerances, one BEC might put out 5.2V while the other puts out 4.8V. That might lead to some problems.

    Tell that to every Chinese ESC manufacturer who puts 2, sometimes 3 7805's in parallel.

    You're lucky they have BEC at all - its definitely not needed. For me, I ve used blown BlueSeries 12A ESC as a BEC for FC when using ESC32's which have no BEC at all - and had no problems. Yes, it actually got a tiny bit warm powering FC + RX. Wow.

  • If you would have read further, you could have saved yourself abusive language and the embarrassment of outing yourself as one who uses the latter to support a weak position.

    1. With telemetry radios, OSD, RCRX, etc. you quickly go past 500mA. My setup currently consumes 550mA.
    2. You cannot just put those BECs in parallel and expect that they share the load equally. Due to tolerances, one BEC might put out 5.2V while the other puts out 4.8V. That might lead to some problems.
    3. If it's my opinion that a 500mA linear BEC is useless, then that is my opinion, which is based on my use cases. I am entitled to my opinion. You are NOT entitled to use abusive language just because you disagree with my opinion.
  • And a 500mA linear BEC? Hobby King really ALWAYS has to do SOMEthing to spoil some great product in some idiotic way...

    When was the last time you needed more than 100-200mA max for a multirotor FC? Also, 4 of these with 0.5A "rated" BEC (which is actually LM2940, rated at 1A) in parallel will deliver more than enough 5V even for a non-giant tricopter. But of course, posting stupid is much easier than thinking or doing some research first.

    What do you think those "4A" UBECs are in F30A escs? A pair of 7805's in... [shock] parallel.

  • Hi!

    I really don't know what that linear voltage regulator talk is based about. Like stated by TC they are designed to run in parallel without problem. I don't know if the amperage adds up then but that isn't necessary IMHO. Every ESC needs an regulator to power it's own CPU. Linear regulators produce less ripple. So take ESC/regulator  1&2 to power the apm with redundancy. Take Regulator 3 or 4 to power other stuff like gps, telemetry etc. Use an X Ampere switching BEC for your servos. I think those linear regulators are no drawback or problem and just a necessity for the onboard CPU and can serve other useful purposes.

    What is really problematic with those ESC is the color of the heatshrink and the afropicture :) .


    Kraut Rob

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