Hobbyking releases HKPilot 2.7

Looks like no one posted this yet. Good to see some innovation and improvements from HK




1) 100uf cap in Vcc and 10uf tantalum capacitor added to stop 3.3v bad gyro health issues

2) Replacement of the (not used/redundant) 1.0mm 6p GPS port with df13-4P I2C external compass port, putting the GPS and external compass ports next to each other, making for easier connections.

3) Multifunction MUX port added in the old I2C port location, this lets users select an output from the bonding pad (Uart0, Uart2, I2C, OSD “default is OSD”. This new layout makes data transmission more stable with an isolation resistance.

4) 3.3V and 5V Dataflash/Flashrom swapped trace problem corrected to the AT45DB161.

5) External Compass enable/disable jumper added, verses having to cut a trace wire.

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  • Warning about goodluckbuy: I got some stuff from goodluckbuy before.

    0) They sold me an APM 2.6, but it was really a 2.5 (I found out much later that there was an internal compass and I had to cut the trace). I told them, but they didn't seem to care.

    1) 2nd set of 3DR radio clones didn't work

    2) They sent me a GPS that was missing the GPS module (one side of the board was empty, no kidding)

    3) It took over a month giving them a chance to fix stuff and they didn't fix it all. I got my money back from Ebay, and they banned my account from buying from there again.

    So, with goodluckbuy, you do get what you paid for. Sometimes ok, sometimes not at all.

    Sadly I also gave them feedback on things that could be changed in their kit (like not the right OSD cable), and they didn't seem to care. Again, furthering the not always deserved stereotype against chinese sellers.

  • Mine works. I'm using it with an external compass and the jumper removed.

  • Hello 

    CLI isnt available in the latest update of arducopter. you can do the rest through other links in the software! 

    I have juts brought the APM2.7 from hobby king but the internal compass cannot be disables from removing the pin jumper. has anybody els had this? 

  • Hello there good people,

    I have hkpilot 2.7 and so far looking good except the fact that unlike my 3Dr Apm mega, when connecting HKP27 by USB cable to my computer(s) I get kinda gibberish in Mission planner (1.3.15). speed is set for 115,200.

    HKPilot pukes this on screen (I have attached a screenshot as I could not copy/paste CLI prompts - if you know how let me know..)

    3701887116?profile=originalCare to tell me what am I missing here?

    Thanks guys.


  • Today I flew 3 autopilots..  The HKPilot 2.7, Pixhawk (3DR) and a Ruby..   I have to correct my statement above about the compass..  It does use the external compass, you just can't see it in MP, only the internal compass..  But it does work when you calibrate it but only in the calibration.. Not sure if thats normal behavior or not.   I installed it in a 2013 Skywalker, pretty much used the SDR Skywalker standard configuration, changed a few things like battery, flight modes, etc..  Take off was in manual mode, then FBWA and since all was going well, I went full auto..  Flew great!  No complaints..  Though I've yet to get it to auto-land, damn Skywalker glides forever!

    The Pixhawk though I got confused..  It seems to use Abs Altitude only?  With the APM, I never had to worry about it, set my 100 altitude when planning a mission and off it would go..  Since I'm at 295 meters MSL, thats what it shows on GPS altitude as well..  When I tried to auto land, it nosed down and when I seen it wasn't going to flare, I immediately went into manual and got it out of the dive..  I need to do some more research..  The Pixhawk is not as easy to fly like the APM..

    The Ruby.. well.. I screwed up in manual flight.. I had throttled off getting ready to test aided mode and started losing altitude, no idea why I didn't hit the throttle but didnt and ended in a crash..  Broke the nose apart a bit but think its fixable...maybe..  That was a 2014 Skywalker..

  • Oh.. forgot.. the case is ok but you can't assemble it with any jumps on the board..  You take them off, assemble the case and then bend the pins back a little so that the jumper will go on.. this is on both the power rail jumper and the ones by the inputs.  The case is too narrow at those points and won't go together.  Happened on both of my new ones from them.  Minor annoyance is all..

  • I have (had) 2 APM's.. One sent back to 3DR (3 weeks ago) under RMA which my emails on status are ignored and my other suffers from the 3.3v issue..  So I bought 2 of these from HK..  One issue I have with them is that their jumper for external compass doesn't work.. It uses the internal compass only.. Doesn't matter if the jumper is on or off.. Which is ok I guess in my situation on Planes..  Their DF13 connectors are a bit tight as well..  You will have to apply some force to get them in, but I doubt will hold up to removal once you want to move it to another plane.  I didn't buy their power model has I already have a couple from my APM's..  Those also were VERY hard to plug in.. 

    They both seem to work fine in MP..  Today I plan to fly with one of them..

  • Hobby King Live video with detailed explanation of updates to 2.7 board has been added.

  • Developer

    The APM 2.x boards won't suddenly stop working. They will continue doing what they have been doing for as long as you like then to. So if you already have the features and performance you need, there is nothing to worry about.

    The only difference is that in the future there won't be updates for the APM 2.x with new features every 2 weeks like we have been spoiled with so far. And even this has some nice benefits, since it will lead to a more mature and stable system.

  • All of that could be done off-board from the APM with a seperate unit, Ravi.  Pixhawk and the MIPS race isn't the only way to go about it.

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