ZeroUAV, Chinese leading UAV manufacturer in China, has release their YS-X6 multi rotor controller. Hobbyking sells it and says it is 'the best multi-rotor controller' in the market.

The flight controller system for multi-rotor aircraft is supported on Android, IOS and PC systems and provides auto-navigation, target lock, self-leveling and position/altitude hold. It features a an expansion interface for future upgrades.

According to the product description, this is the must have for professional and industrial platforms. But, as a hobbyist you might want to have this controller too. A robust design and military rank hardware.

The YS-X6 offers 8 channels for motor control, 3 channels for pan/tilt and a 8 channels for the receiver. It supports the S-BUS standard and provides 3 communication ports.

Of course, this all comes with a price. The YS-X6 controllers is yours for US$ 1033.00

Manual downloadable from the Hobbyking website here: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uploads/84900712X365809X10.pdf

Product page: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=25925&aff=5361

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  • And here it is available for 479 $.

    Zero UAV YS-X4 multi-rotor FC WIFI Version

  • actually the price of $979 was only for an upgrade of firmware from standard to enhanced.

  • Developer

    It's pretty big. But then again it's not really meant for small quads.


  • Is it just me, or is the YS-X6 system HUGE?!  It looks like just the IMU is about the size of an APM2?

  • DJI Wokoong, does not require any gains setting / tuning, it has robot like self learning capability and assumes that its owner may be totally non technical. The system is idiot proof, performance is unmatched.

    Arducopter is really good moreover for learning purpose, as long as performance is concerned, Present Arducopter have to births after births.....

  • I have been using APM and WKM for a year now. I had also tried to do my own development in the code as well. I had also gone through the hardware details of these two. In my observatoin

    1. APM boards use cheap, uncalibrated sensors, mounted on a no professionally designed PCB. Compared with YS-X6 and WKM and their price tag although this looks Ok but in next versions of APM this should be taken care of.

    2. Development platform for APM code is open source hence ...... :). C programmers may understand this

    3. Tuning can actually take all the pleasure of flying to dust.

  • Whoa..John that's one rock solid position hold in that type of wind..

  • Developer

    Just to clear up any misunderstandings. I want APM to be the best platform there is as much as the next geek. I have great expectations for the PX4 platform, it has the hardware and software design needed to compete with the best.

    The rest is just a matter of perspective and user needs. For many people it makes more sense to throw money at WKM/YS-X6 then to spend days or weeks tuning and retuning your copter. I have both systems (WKM and YS-X6), and tuning a new frame to top level performance is usually just a matter of increasing roll/pitch gains until they start to wobble and then back down a little.

    For example in this video I am flying the YS-X6, and the only change made to the factory settings was to change two parameters to increase roll and pitch sensitivity.

  • I have used DJI, and for the price they should have less shortcomings than they actually do.  At one time DJI was a more sound choice, but as APM functionality increases this is becoming less so in my case.  I am certain that In capable hands the APM2 can hold its own against other systems.  Personally I feel that APM2 performance is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort one puts into it.   

  • HK prices are very high (1033US$), same product is available here in 979US$

    ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multi-rotor Flight Controller - Standard Kit | ZERO UAV
    ZERO TECH YS-X6 Multi-rotor Flight Controller - Standard Kit from manufacturer ZERO UAV, in category Electronics - (ESC, fly control etc.).
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