Holden Drone by CAT2. Some summer testing with Arduplane

Our Holden Drone has been finished for some for some time now but I have not had time to edit and upload any video until now.

During these two merged flights we were testing most of the Arduplane modes including some tight figure 8 waypoint routes around the field. RTL, circle and FBW all worked well. This was all done line of sight with no FPV equipment.

The current wing is rather heavy so we will make another with 3D printed ribs over a square section carbon spar. This will save about 1Kg. We will probably also add flaps as its glides rather too well when trying to land.


I am currently working on a narrow gopro gimbal for fitting in the nose which will also fit in our H quad fuselage.

The full build blog is HERE

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  • 3D Robotics

    Tridge, good to hear that. What do you think about adding support for reversible motor-controllers, too, to use reverse thrust to slow them down even more?

  • Developer

    I'm planning on adding support for automatic flaperons in a future APM:Plane release to make it easier to slow down planes like this for landing.

    In FBWA mode I'm like to control the flaperons with a transmitter knob, and in AUTO with fully automatic control.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Admin

    Yes, seems it does not want to land :).

    I see no landng gears too!

  • Have just found the first flight video with no U/C and a much smaller motor. It glides way to well and needed something to slow it down. We even considered a reversible ESC like RC cars have.

  • Thanks all.

    The motor is a Pulso 4120/20 460kv and is giving over 4kg static thrust. Aircraft weight is 5kg. Its all in the link above.

    I was extremely impressed with the Pulso motor but they seem to have completely changed their range of motors now. All much smaller and more aimed at multi-rotor. They dont look like the same quality either but its hard to tell from pictures.


    Since the aircraft was finished I have acquired a 3d printer (2 actually) and may remake some parts with it.

    I would like to do an endurance test soon but am expecting about an hour out of it.

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  • Moderator

    Make no mistake he has made a hard thing look easy.

  • And videos like this......are why I want to join the fun.. 

    So nice!!!


  • Moderator

    Your Westcountry views are making me homesick! Excellent work well done.

  • Admin

    Fuse Looks very promising. What motor are you using? Looks very small for the size of fuse.

    And what is total all up weight?

  • awesome job on the product and the bird looks very nice, Hugin airframe?

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