Testing out my New homebrew TCP/IP digital Secured Video,telemetry. same used by uav systems.

short test @ 500meters, flying in rainy weather.

Why Digital secured systems??
1. no Video interferences, no 3rd harmonics interferences. Compact Design. all in one solution. and the most important is. Secured Data. (encrypted)
2. hi bandwidth. can trnsmit both HD data video/audio, telemetry and radio control.
3. can power into 1 flight battery. (travel light)
4. GCS Module(weatherproof) all in one design. include diversity systems. and can both transmit and receive.



Transceiver Running @ 5.8ghz. with custom ant.

tx power 500mw.

Video @ d1 reso. 2-6mbits data streams.

latency @ 1-35ms

i use skywalker 1680.  and a uhf for my controls.

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  • Hi. we just use Local TCP/ip Bridge. i discourage to use 3g  video over 3g signal. since the packet from uav will go many hops before it reach the GCS. thats why i see here in forums. they got very lag video feed. thats why i make my own local wireless bridge. i combine eagle tree osd with minimo osd. since i love eagletree because they have feet readings. home minimo osd have feet in hight settings too.  i love them. the camera i use its just a 700TVL wdr Analog camera. i converted it running in Custom Video Server. then to my AP bridge. transmitted to my Ground Station.

    Since its a Data encrypted transmittion. i can connect it same time to our Main Control Tower station @ 20Km Radius. after the unit is airborne. here is the sneek peak of our Main On Site mission control.  since im a Local wireless ISP provider here. im planning to use the tower to communicate and receive data transmission from my uav. :) 3692872658?profile=original   i will make a Build log later. :) since its time for me to off to work. :) thanks everyone for appreciating my Work. :)

  • Very keen to learn more about this setup!
  • Very cool. Would love to see the list of items to accomplish this data link

  • Nice eagle tree osd telemetry+minim osd + video link on 5.8 

  • That is great work!

    Do you have more info ? :-) 

  • Very Nice! I have a few questions.
    what model camera did you use?
    AP Model.
    Best Regards!

  • hello

    very interesting!  awesome!

    can you tell us what technologies you uses it?  more informations please ...

    is it a rasperberry pi? or 3g phone etc ?

    thanks you for your answers

    good job

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