Homemade Steadycam Hexacopter


This is my project, I have been working on it for a couple of months. Is not ready yet and certainly it's not good looking, need more work but here is a video of some features.

Note this is a Steadycam design based on ECILOP ideas. But with a Multiwii board instead of gyros. Multiwii is fixed to the steadycam arm and acts as stab controller. I did a couple of changes in multiwii firmware to add a new mode "STEADYCAM" couse "GIMBAL" mode is just delta angle stab, and I need a PID loop stab + delta angle.

I use high speed servos and rubber bands as actuators couse direct drive is a mess.

The inner frame is connected to main frame by rubber band, so vibration cant pass trough to the FC and Steadycam system.

Here are the arms and main frame:



Fully assembled, note that no camera is attached bellow, instead a use a dead lipo battery as ballast and my bike back light which has a laser similar to a laser level.



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  • Great to see you have removed the props for testing this hexa. We are still seeing too many hand injuries from accidental motor startup.

  • George, I couldn't describe it better. Yes you are right. Thank you to write it down in correct words. English is no my native language.

  • Let me know if I understand this correctly.  The system is primarily a mechanical steadycam style motion compensation/smoothing system, but the servos engage and act as dampers to reduce oscillation and alter the "home" position to compensate for hexacopter pitch and roll?  Then that whole system is rubber band isolated from the motors/airframe to reduce high frequency vibration?

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