Hoover Dam FPV

Flying over the Hoover Dam with a custom-made Quadcopter. Entertaining the tourists until the po-po takes over. All in good fun, though, especially since we asked for permission.

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  • Great video, i was there in October ans was surprised when the popo let me set up a large format camera on the dam wall to get some shots, it good to see that some of the authorities are able to decide that a small quad copter is not a national security threat.
  • Awesome video!  Every time I go to a place like this I dream about FPVing :)  So, the authorities didn't have an issue with you flying a "drone" around the dam?  That's very interesting.

    Mind sharing your quad setup (or point me to a link?)

  • no tilt shift ---> "warm spot focus" this time

  • Awesome! Love the subtle tilt shifting, keep it coming guys!
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