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Santa Monica, California – Hoovy, the leading UAV advertising company, is launching the Advatar, a new type of UAV aimed for advertising. The Advatar has eight engines and a lean design that provides tremendous power to fly the biggest possible banners, while staying in the sky longer. The Advatar is equipped with the latest safety features and sensors, such as a sensor that measures velocity of winds at different altitudes to allow the Advatar to position at the ideal height. The company launched the Advatar on Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/hoovy) on June 2nd and is seeing a lot of traction.   

The drones that are currently in the market are designed to fly a camera only -- none of them are designed to fly a banner. The Advatar always gathers a large crowd who take pictures of the advertisement, ask questions, and who are very fascinated by the concept. We get people to look at ads -- making advertisement fun and engaging. 

About Hoovy  

Hoovy makes advertising cool again by combining cutting edge drone technology and individualized banners to get their customers great exposure. Eugene Stark, CEO of Hoovy, explains that “little innovation has been seen in the outdoor advertising field in the past century and Hoovy is seeking to change that.” Hoovy is already bringing success to clients by flying their banners in the sky. For now Hoovy is only flying locally, but it is using the Indiegogo platform to sell drones nationwide and to subcontract those companies to do national campaigns for its clients. http://igg.me/at/hoovy   

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  • "We don't fly over people".  Right, you fly over a tent or fountain, a whopping 10ft away from people.  Sorry, that is still flying over people.  These things do not just drop vertically down when they malfunction.  They go anywhere and everywhere.  Hovering over a tent or fountain leaves the surrounding people no safer than hovering directly over their heads.  A clueless 12 years who jut got his first phantom for Christmas learns this in the first hour.  The fact that you think it's ok means you're either delusional or reckless.  Or both.

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    multirotor + gadgets + code $(printer)


  • https://youtu.be/eAsU1ne2C9I

    fly over people that are problems for all of us !!!

  • Salesforce's next $500 billion acquisition has been found.  The wind was the mane problem when it was done 5 years ago, but now the printing press makes anything profitable.

  • I already hate the way that our Internet has become so cluttered with ads, even ads made just for me.

    I am sure if they remade "Blade Runner" now it would feature hundreds of drones with illuminated flashing banners advertising clean air in a can and other products appropriate to a dystopian future.

    We live in a totally marketing oriented world for better or worse, so I am sure you can sell this, nothing much easier to sell than selling itself.

    Too bad it's only guys like Branson, busy selling us all this stuff that can afford an Island they can go to so they can get away from it.

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  • Rightfully so, we're seeing a lot of comments concerning safety. We realize that media has been covering a lot of drone incidents, but we believe that those accidents are avoidable. We have a flawless safety record and in order for us to stay operational we have to maintain our perfect record. We realize that one accidents can ground our company and for that reason safety is always our #1 priority when we fly. We always check and re-check our equipment, check the weather forecast, measure wind velocity, and we never fly over people. Our Advatar has special safety sensors, including one that measures wind velocity so that if the weather gets bad we can land safely. Mauricio, we do have very good insurance - although we never had to use it and hopefully never will. 

    We are operational and we're seeing incredible conversion rates for our clients. Further, UAVs allow us to deliver on-demand educational advertisements for the targeted audience who can find these ads useful. For example, we can promote a Happy Hour for a local restaurant and we are able to do it for only 2-3 hours if that's what the client desires. After we're done, there's not footprint of us ever being there. No need to remove plants and install poles to put up a billboard and no need for our clients to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for annual display on the billboard when they only want to advertise on Sundays.

    Quadzimodo - Thanks for sharing that company. It's always nice to see how others use the UAV technology in innovative ways. Also, we don't have 30m restriction in the United States :)  

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    Oh thats just perfect Greg thanks for sharing it 

  • Greg - You just reminded me that there is in fact another project which combined drones with crowdfunding, new media and other emerging trends in a concept also designed to appeal to other current and aspiring media professionals. Ian Lyons is responsible for that particular Game Changer!

  • If you eventually do use your drones as you intend please consider implementing some sort of propeller guards, (multi-)tethering multirotor,

    I cringe when I see these behemoths flying over/near large crowds 

  • You will need huge insurance....  

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