Hot in Texas

I took my Ardu copter out for a test flight to see if I have helped the stability with my latest attempt to tune some PID's.

It is definitely better, but I have an opportunity to make it better for sure. (I am slowly learning).

Anyway, I am gaining more confidence and so here is a video of a short FPV flight, recorded from my ground video station.

I enjoy looking at recorded video with the OSD info, I notice on this flight I get "Low RSSI"  continuously, yet I don't have a connection to the receiver, also, I get overspeed at times and I get stall warnings.. Also, I get a message "Low battery" even though I am at about 60% capacity. I guess I need to go into the setup on the Minim OSD and work on the settings!

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  • Yes, little annoyances like the screen flash thing and occasional picture and OSD tearing seem to just be part of the territory.

    But Your video does a great job of illustrating both real time actual FPV and the OSD screen.

    There are lots of prett GoPro HD FPV videos out there, but it is important to let people see what actual FPV looks like.

    I have put your video on the FPV wiki page as well.

    Thank You,


  • Its fine with me if you use it.  As far as the bottom flashing in the video, it seems to be a mis-match in the output of the camera which is transmitted to the reliever, then goes on the the DVR. I don't really know why, but I have found that i can crop it out using HandBrake..  


    Richard Evans 

  • Hi Richard, did you find why the bottom of the screen was blinking?

    I have included your video on the MinimOSD Index page for our new wiki.

    If that isn't OK with you, please let me know and I will remove it.

    Best Regards,


  • Thanks Aurelio,  I'll spend some time learning how to set the MiniumOSD up this weekend..

  • Looking good! Yes, you are going to have to use the MinimOSD configuration tool to remove display elements that aren't actually used, like the RSSI, you should also tie unused inputs as Earl said. MinimOSD can also be used with planes, so I suppose it must have warnings tailored for fixed wing craft that you can configure (or disable)

  • if your rx rssi is not connected the input port is 'floating' or drifting around. if you are not using an input, ground it

    to prevent false readings.


  • Yes, the winds were up a little bit!

  • Hi,

    I am just wondering... was it windy? The video looks a little wobbly!


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