There is a house hearing UAS integration occuring today at 2:30pm EST. It will be available live at this link:

Typically, CSPAN has the video available for playback shortly after the event concludes.

Of note, Colin Guinn of 3DR is testifying, among others.

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  • I was disappointed to see that, when the inevitable topic of privacy was brought up, not one UAV advocate brought up the First Amendment protections which should be afforded to UAV pilots.

    So many states are attempting author legislation that requires permission from the private property owner before images of the property are captured.  This is clearly a violation of the operators right to Free Expression.

    Capturing images of private property from public property (the National Airspace is a public right of way) is protected under the First Amendment.  No permission is required.  Permission is required when photographs of private property are taken FROM that property.  Court precedent states that the property owner only owns as much of the airspace above his/her property as can reasonably be used by the property owner.

    The United States Supreme Court has already ruled that a property owner has no "reasonable expectation of privacy" from the airspace above the property in question.

    I understand the need to protect privacy where privacy is guaranteed, but Free Expression should not be infringed upon for one group, when it is guaranteed for another.

  • Colin's portion begins at 31:03.

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    I did its about to happen again

  • Gary, please do tell me you just witnessed that 2 minute long writhing non-answer to the timeline question...

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    It was a job well done, no bright light for the future yet though.

  • Agreed Gary. I was laughing when the chairman said they "had to get permission" to fly it in there. FAA must be telling them they control the air they breathe too...

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    Colin Guinn just did a great job. It contrasted very well with the other speakers all of whom belong to the retiring generation. The Parrot Bebop becomes the first RPAS to fly inside that spot!

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