How can DiyDrones surpass RcGroups!?

To the Diy Drones Community from Joshua Johnson:

Which proposed improvements do you like?  Which ones do you dislike?  Do you have your own ideas on improvements that would put Diy Drones ahead of  Rc Groups and add more resources for the community?  Please share and collaborate this is a perfect time for the community to help shape and evolve this community in something even better!!!!

My List of Proposed Improvements for

  1. Change background to black to fit in with the top banner and make the website more appealing but keep the very bottom of the website that displays the copyrights, who created the website, etc just a plain background.  Editing the color text scheme so that links don't get lost will take 30-60 mins to fully sift through. )
  2. Add eye catching content to the home page like the High Tech Revolving Visitor globe that I embedded into the Diy Drones News Center! (Members will have access to website statistics to use for personal and business purposes)
  3. Add a Poll Center page and HTML embed a 3rd Party polling encoder to allow the community to vote on key issues and hot topics (  Maintain this section constantly adding new polls that the community will find useful and interesting at the same time )
  4. Instead of Video's add a Menu called: Diy Drones and the Drop down menu should include Options such as: Facebook(Linking members to the Diy Drones Facebook), Twitter (Linking members to the Diy Drones Twitter), News(Linking people to the Diy Drones News center I created), Groups(All Groups Link), And Rules(The Diy Drones Website Rules).
  5. Setup schedule to change 100 photo carousel (Same Day each month) at the top of the home page with 100 new photos and maybe even set up a contest where we take a poll and embed in a Diy Drones Poll Center and allow the community to vote on a winner and the winner each month will receive a prize based on the highest number of votes
  6. Video's and Photos should be pulled off the menu list and put into the Members drop down menu.  Also the Members Drop down menu could be decked out with tons of features that can assist the members in different ways of engaging ( Could be links to the Diy Drones Skype Chat Group, an IRC Chat could have its own page and link in the members drop down menu which won't cause any lag for the website and will allow members alternative ways to engage. )
  7. Change Store to 3DR Store ( When someone is brand new to a website and they click on store to check out products getting sent to a different website usually makes people uncomfortable or people sometimes assume they got sent to a fraudulent website so changing the name to 3DR Store will give people a pre warning on where you intend on sending them )
  8. Getting Started Menu should be renamed For Beginners and should include like 10-15 drop down options ( This drop down menu should include a link to the website currently being developed by a Diy Drones Member that is map based that allows people to implement their local legislation's and laws concerning drones to a map.  Also links to websites like the Academy of Model Aeronautics and any other useful Diy Drones or non Diy Drones pages that beginners would find useful )
  9. Forum drop down menu could have some important forum topics added and changed each month of discussions that the community deems important ( If something like the 3DR IRIS is a hot top that month create a page or link a current page to a new drop down menu option under Forum  )
  10. Blogs Drop down menu should be the same thing as the Forum with links directly to important Blogs that are still hot topics or are of importance to the community ( Use this drop down menu to showcase the top blogs/news of the month that members would deem important.  This could be updated weekly or monthly. )
  11. ArduPlane, ArduCopter, and ArduRover drop down menus should all be jam packed with useful links to pages, discussions, blogs, or website pages that are important or pertain to these menu subjects.  ( The drop down menus could have minor schedule updating by a member of the Diy Drones Team with new links that members would deem important. )
  12. MyPage drop down menu could include links to MyGroups, MyFriends, MyDiscussions, MyBlogs, Etc
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  • Moderator

    @BS1, I'm a moderator... I'm pretty sure this was a duplicate post? with link to HuffPo?

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    BluSky1's video blog post was returned to him intact with a reasonable explanation as to why it would not be published and a suggestion that he post it in the Video Forum or on another website where he has not published it previously.

    The moderation goes the distance with the membership here and it is not often that a blog post is not published, but for good reason and with consensus of the Moderators.


    TCIII Admin

  • Blusky I feel your pain!!  I went from being an Admin to a regular member.  My blog requests take 5-9 hours sometimes or don't get posted at all but at least they send me messages telling me why.

  • Moderator

    Blusky, it's not censorship if it's not posting something that has already been posted in a similar format. This is for the blog. No-one stops posting of information (or anything) in a discussion or group - unless it violates the ToS. You have some useful information and many people like looking at fpv videos so maybe create a fpv group? 

  • Admin


    And that is to prevent every spammer who has been trying to post junk blogs.  On the other note , a repost of same video under different title also does not qualify as blog and is not Over moderation. You must have received the note from Admin , pls read the details before assuming.   And which blog are you talking about now?

  • 1. Moderation.

    I agree with TOS rules and conduct. and admins should be there to enforce infractions of these rules But one simple thing that holds back Diy Drones is over moderation.

    The fact every blog post must go though an approval process is a huge detractor to alot of folks. I didn't mind till I got the anger of a few of the admins here now it seems every admin has to have a vote before my blogs get posted. Let me make this clear that's censorship and its not popular. 

  • @Gary,

    Are you folks going to post a blog on Diy Drones Announcing this?!  I hope you folks can take advantage of the Diy Drones Blog system to bring tech members over to the new forum site.

  • Moderator

    All releases will be in the new forums from here on in, APM:Plane 2.75 and 2.76 have happened there and the next multi announce will be there as well. By having the announce and a spot to add topics under the announce it should stop the huge single threads. (fingers crossed)

  • Much of this was discussed, agreed upon then... well, ignored. Or at least forgotten.

  • Not sure if you're addressing your question/suggestion to me...If so, I'd recommend checking out stack overflow if you haven't already (guessing you probably have though). Its not really a search engine nor is it a forum per se...Its more of a question-answer repository, with a 'tech support' styled flow of information. I bet that there are already some open-source engines/templates based on this structure available...

This reply was deleted.