How can DiyDrones surpass RcGroups!?

To the Diy Drones Community from Joshua Johnson:

Which proposed improvements do you like?  Which ones do you dislike?  Do you have your own ideas on improvements that would put Diy Drones ahead of  Rc Groups and add more resources for the community?  Please share and collaborate this is a perfect time for the community to help shape and evolve this community in something even better!!!!

My List of Proposed Improvements for

  1. Change background to black to fit in with the top banner and make the website more appealing but keep the very bottom of the website that displays the copyrights, who created the website, etc just a plain background.  Editing the color text scheme so that links don't get lost will take 30-60 mins to fully sift through. )
  2. Add eye catching content to the home page like the High Tech Revolving Visitor globe that I embedded into the Diy Drones News Center! (Members will have access to website statistics to use for personal and business purposes)
  3. Add a Poll Center page and HTML embed a 3rd Party polling encoder to allow the community to vote on key issues and hot topics (  Maintain this section constantly adding new polls that the community will find useful and interesting at the same time )
  4. Instead of Video's add a Menu called: Diy Drones and the Drop down menu should include Options such as: Facebook(Linking members to the Diy Drones Facebook), Twitter (Linking members to the Diy Drones Twitter), News(Linking people to the Diy Drones News center I created), Groups(All Groups Link), And Rules(The Diy Drones Website Rules).
  5. Setup schedule to change 100 photo carousel (Same Day each month) at the top of the home page with 100 new photos and maybe even set up a contest where we take a poll and embed in a Diy Drones Poll Center and allow the community to vote on a winner and the winner each month will receive a prize based on the highest number of votes
  6. Video's and Photos should be pulled off the menu list and put into the Members drop down menu.  Also the Members Drop down menu could be decked out with tons of features that can assist the members in different ways of engaging ( Could be links to the Diy Drones Skype Chat Group, an IRC Chat could have its own page and link in the members drop down menu which won't cause any lag for the website and will allow members alternative ways to engage. )
  7. Change Store to 3DR Store ( When someone is brand new to a website and they click on store to check out products getting sent to a different website usually makes people uncomfortable or people sometimes assume they got sent to a fraudulent website so changing the name to 3DR Store will give people a pre warning on where you intend on sending them )
  8. Getting Started Menu should be renamed For Beginners and should include like 10-15 drop down options ( This drop down menu should include a link to the website currently being developed by a Diy Drones Member that is map based that allows people to implement their local legislation's and laws concerning drones to a map.  Also links to websites like the Academy of Model Aeronautics and any other useful Diy Drones or non Diy Drones pages that beginners would find useful )
  9. Forum drop down menu could have some important forum topics added and changed each month of discussions that the community deems important ( If something like the 3DR IRIS is a hot top that month create a page or link a current page to a new drop down menu option under Forum  )
  10. Blogs Drop down menu should be the same thing as the Forum with links directly to important Blogs that are still hot topics or are of importance to the community ( Use this drop down menu to showcase the top blogs/news of the month that members would deem important.  This could be updated weekly or monthly. )
  11. ArduPlane, ArduCopter, and ArduRover drop down menus should all be jam packed with useful links to pages, discussions, blogs, or website pages that are important or pertain to these menu subjects.  ( The drop down menus could have minor schedule updating by a member of the Diy Drones Team with new links that members would deem important. )
  12. MyPage drop down menu could include links to MyGroups, MyFriends, MyDiscussions, MyBlogs, Etc
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  • @ItCanOnlyBeJared,  The way I look at it is as such,  There are many communities out there that people contribute their time and efforts to help their fellow hobbyists.  Each community offers different things to different demographics of hobbyists.  Diy Drones has the capability to capture all these key/essential pieces to the "Community Puzzle" to create the ultimate drone community with membership totals ranging from 100,000-500,000 members from all across the world and in every industry and spectrum of Robotics and Drones.  Ranging from hobbyists, business people, Engineers, CEO, Manufacturers, distributors, most of all I'd love to see some military specialists incorporate their knowledge on drones but towards civilian based applications.  The titling system on Ning/ that gives people titles like Diy Drones News Or Admin or 3D Robotics should really be taken advantage of to help people identify proper people to social network with or ask for assistance and advice.  If someone is an Engineer I'd love to see a Title under their photo that says Aero Engineer or CAD Engineer.  If you are a farmer looking for agricultural applications for your farm a title that says Farmer or Rancher could be applied based off what your interests are in the drone/robotics field. If someone is a Journalist they could sport the title journalist or CNBC for example.  I'm more then willing to assist the Diy Drones Team by creating an application process and system for people to apply for titles and I am more then willing to do all the work in implementing their titles 

  • Isn't this whole surpassing thing kind of irrelevant? The 2 communities are not related enough. On DIYDrones, you have often low quality small sized durable economy oriented aircraft platforms fitted with autopilots. On RCGroups, you have a generalized wide appeal hobby community.

    It would be a mistake to try and overtake them just because. But sure, you can identify the strengths and quality features of RCG and make a remediation based upon agreeable observations for progression. I think the management here should just look at the reasonably organized smaller drone oriented rc communities and make a stronger more modernized version of all of that.

  • T3

    My one suggestion is NO black background. If every website on the internet had a black background, it would be more tolerable but after I read even one article on a page and switch to another with a white background, it completely messes with my head and actually bothers my eyes quite a bit. I'm not even that old!

  • Not moderating the hell out of the blogs & a search engine that works would be required.  RCgroups is pretty open, but they're not accountable to a single company like diydrones, where 1 off topic blog post can show up in a quarterly report.  They're search engine doesn't work either.  Search engines are still a tough problem for the human race.

  • @Everyone, If anyone wants to check out the functionality of the revolving visitor globe I have it embedded on the Diy Drones News Center page! 

  • @Everyone who is bringing up Forums;  I added a forum only search engine for the DiyDrones Forum on my website until Ning 3 rolls out you folks might find using my search engine more useful when searching for specific things within the forums.

  • @Tom Finn, I have to take a lot of the blame for the lack of organized/scheduled changing of things like Feature Content and the photo carousel on the front page.  I used to do a lot of things on DiyDrones with an objective in mind but when I stepped down as an Admin I should of went through my daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled website schedules and provided all the details to everything I had my hands in so others could take over my duties but I failed miserably at that.

  • I would like Tapatalk integration for the Forum part at least like RCG and most other Forums
  • Moderator

    @Tom, I agree about the forum once again Ning 3 is supposed to work some magic with that. @Harry less will become more and featuring the really cool content and keeping it more sticky will be a goal. Some great stories fall off the front page quickly sometimes and many members don't get to see it.

  • Don't overcomplicate it or think that if you want to jumble it all up with junk, then millions will suddenly flock.  It's a subset market and it likes meaty cutting edge content.  Talk about your project that puts Arducopter on an FPGA and makes it run faster and more accurately on an octocopter while controlling a target tracking camera and cooperating in a swarm and you get interest from around the world.  

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