We are pretty close to the launch of MAVPilot (A Pocket GCS for your iOS device). I’ve been getting up early to do testing in the relative peace of the weekend mornings. And as a way to get some exercise and not to only spend my time just be standing in a field for a couple of hours, I ride loaded. It's a Cargo Bike from XtraCycle. (And I can also fit the kids on it for trips to the beach!)

MAVPilot is coming along great. Yesterday, I was testing some new features. One being audio alerts for when using using the fence as a safety feature. Now when if you exceed the fence boundary you will get a warning as the craft engages Return to Home or Land, depending on how you have set it. More info here and here on site. The next feature for fence will be to outline the boundary on the map.

more info here

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  • Yes there will always be the fun police.
  • Wow @Phil that's a cool GCS, but likely not something you'd want paranoid types to spot.

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    You would have to get a small trailer to tow behind your bike to hold the portable generator:-)


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    I think 5 23" monitors are not going to fit the bike. :-o
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    I've gone the opposite of a minimalist approach. This is my GCS trailer build, which is now fully operational.  It all fits inside a small 6x9 trailer. Check my two blogs for build details.

  • Admire your XtraCycle Bill, we have a few riding around here in Fort Bragg CA, the bikes and the conversions.

    Great bike made a bit south of here in Oakland and it is in 3rd world countries everywhere providing basic transport and hauling.

    But your use as the basis for a ground station has got to be the coolest use of all.

  • @Thomas: No the computer has a normal temp so that's no problem :)

    @Bill: If the touch panel kills the contrast, i will just remove it and use the mouse as today :)

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    My Pelican case CGS will sit either on the SUV tailgate or be under a tent such as at the AVC so the black case is not an issue for me. Also, when the case is open for use, there are two cooling fans for the mini-ITX to help circulate air through it.


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    @larsen: be warned that resistive touch panels can kill contrast, so if you can check out the impact before purchase, its a good idea to do so.

    @thomas: i really don't want anything black, as the sun kills it. I'll proably revert back to an older silver keyed Mac Book (when my partner upgrades) OR if I can find a small lightweight popup tent, I have to pedal it you know!!!!!
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    Nice installation. Doesn't the computer get hot under the backseat on a hot day or do you keep the air conditioning on:-)


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