This might be obvious for you but as an electronics noob it took me a while to figure out how to connect the Sparkfun FTDI Basic Breakout board to the ArduPilot. The different naming of the pins confused me and of course I thought I'd blow up everything if I connect it the wrong way.ArduPilot pinsGND = GroundVCC = Voltage of the Common CollectorGRN/DTR (green) = AutoresetTXO = OutputRXI = InputVCC = Voltage of the Common CollectorCTS = Clear To SendBLK/GND (black) = GroundFTDI board pins (-> ArduPilot)GRN/DTR -> GRNRXI -> TXOTXO -> RXI5V -> VCC (unused)CTS -> CTS (unused)GND -> BLK/GND
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    Excellent! I'll add this picture to the instructions.
  • Hey Jaron, do you know what your ArduPilot board is singing now? "That's the way... aha, aha... I like it... aha, aha...". A good pic is worth a thousand words!
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