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How to contribute to a DIY Drones project?

3689426386?profile=originalOne of the biggest challenges in an open source development project is getting the "architecture of participation" right. Like a great game, contributing should be easy to pick up but hard to master, giving people of all skills and experience an opportunity to engage. Right now we have scores of developers working on dozens of projects, but a lot of it is behind the scenes on private email lists, Skype calls and IM threads, Google Docs and 3D Robotics project trackers.  You can see the tip of the iceberg in the change logs, but that's just a hint of the activity that goes on every day.

If you'd like to get involved with the DIY Drones dev teams, here are a few places to start:

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  • I would also like to contribute. ArduPlane task 13 is on my mind for quite some time now...

  • Developer

    As YureZzZ notes, you cannot PM people you are not friends with.  Just send a friend request....  If your PM is small you can actually fit it in the friend request.

  • Oops... Can't send the PM.

    Doug, can you add me as a friend?

  • I'm in as well. PM sent.

  • I would like to take part in this too, but wondering about the same list for ArduCopter as I involved in it more than in ArduPlane now.

  • Developer

    I will be starting a SharePoint 10 Admin Certification on 24 Oct 2011, and free course  AI: A Modern Approach at Stanford U, until then I can help with a split flap and elevator version for a rugged, heavy lift, long range, Blended Wing Body I am developing. I have a testbed ready to check code too.

  • Chris, you are fast... as usual :)

    Waiting for the multicopter list...

  • 3D Robotics

    Jose: I've updated the list to include some Traditional Heli to-dos. Multicopters coming soon...

  • Thanks Chris, I look to hear from them soon!

  • 3D Robotics

    Jose, yes, I'll ask Jason and Randy to create a list for that, too, as soon as it comes out of beta. Right now we want the initial build to be 100% solid before we bring other people into the dev teams.

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