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How to mod a Multiplex EasyStar

I was reminded by the Pict'Earth guys last weekend that one of the best all-purpose planes for carrying cameras, GPS recorders and any other sort of equipment you want to test is the Multiplex EasyStar, a virtually unbreakable powered glider. Because it's made of elastopore foam you can carve out the equipment compartment to carry pretty much anything you want, and the same foam protects everything in case of a "hard landing".

EasyStars are available for $54 without the radio equipment. This post is just a quickie to show you what else you'll need top make them good UAV platforms.

Although the kit comes with a brushed motor, I suggest you upgrade to a brushless so you can carry heavier loads with ease. This motor is a perfect fit and has power to spare. I matched it with this ESC. As always, you'll want Li-Ion batteries if you can afford them. An 11.1v, 2200 mAh pack will allow you to fly for more than half an hour under power. A 6x4 prop fits perfectly

For a radio, almost anything with six channels or more will do. The EasyStar has compartments pre-cut for servos; the HITec HS81s fit them best.

Finally, here's an important point. With the more powerful brushless motor, you'll find that rudder is really too small to be effective. You need to make it bigger to increase its "authority", which both helps in more extreme moves and at slow speed. The easiest way is to glue or double-sided-tape two business cards to the rudder. Here's a picture of one such mod (I didn't bother to trim mine as neatly as this guy did):

Once you've done all that you can shove all manners of cameras and such in the equipment area. If you don't want to carve holes in the bottom, you can always just bolt a camera to a bit of wood and strap it to the top, like this.

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    I've updated this post with links to better, cheaper equipment options.
  • http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...

    Great batteries it run 30 min in my Ez , if you run your setup @ 7.4v , you can afford a 3000mha pack for the same weight.
  • the batteries you reccomend have been discountinue can you make another suggestion in the 2000+ mah categorie?
  • ok the link you have to to the servos above sets the the number of servos to 3 for purchase thats why i ask. you may want to change the link so it only puts 2 in your shopping cart thats why i asked.
  • 3D Robotics
    Well, you need at least four channels if you're going to us an autopilot (toggle on/off). And since you don't get toggle switches until six channels, that effectively becomes the minimum.
  • Admin

    The EZ* only has two mechanical servos (usually HS 81s) for the rudder and the elevator and an ESC to control the motor. Therefore you only need a three channel R/C setup if you are on a budget.

  • what is the third servo for. sorry im new.
  • Thanks guys.
    I will take a look.
  • you may find it here in the UK,
    here in Australia,
    here in Switzerland,
    here in the US,
    and probably elsewhere too (there's also one in my hobby room ;-) )
  • Admin

    I believe that the Mega 16/15/4 is no longer available. You might want to try the Himax 2815-2000 with a 5.5X4.5 APC propeller and a 3S 2100 mAh LiPo battery.

    Just a thought.

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