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  • Thanks for the great comments!  More information will be available this Thursday when our new website goes live.  Keep 'em coming! 

  • I can see the military already licking their lips.

  • Do you have any video footage from the onboard camera? Looks like the lower section where the camera is mounted sways a lot during accel/decel and direction changes. Almost like a pendulum. Cool concept none the less.

  • Looks great! I think if you can make it durable, you will have a really good product. Looking forward to seeing more!

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    Pre-Ordering start??

  • That's very innovative! How many actuators are you using to control this? Does both rotors have collective and cyclic pitch? Are they driven with 1 motor or 2 separate and are they driven at constant rpm? Can you say what the diameter and weight of this vehicle is and what the power consumption is ( I'm wondering if this could be more efficient compared to a multirotor). 

  • Looks great guys! Nice work.

    Anyone looking for a bit of background on Ascent here is an interview I did with Nate, Jon and Peter about this project:

    Todd H.

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