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Huddle Workspace updates and bug fixes

For those on the DIY Drones development teams, you may have noticed a few updates on Huddle. Formatting now works so your paragraphs will break properly in discussions. The >1MB bug in editing documents has also been fixed, so you should be able to edit online without fear of changes not being saved. Currently, Huddle only supports Firefox and IE7+ on Ning (apols to those using Safari, but not to those using IE6--upgrade!). If you want more powerful and flexible editing and collaboration tools, you can work on huddle.net instead. Just create a free account there and click on "Link existing Huddle.net account" on the top of the Ning workspace.
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  • Hello,
    is it possible to open projects on Huddle for non-members in read-only mode?
    I think it could be useful for test and all developming pricess.
  • Wierd thing happened to my Workspaces this morning, I had 3 visible, one I created, two I was a member of...during browsing, using IE8, I received an "expected return value -1" showing on the screen. Then, only the workspace I created showed up, the other two don't show any more. One other clue was that a reply I added to a discussion didn't show my "Sig Kadet" profile picture, but instead the silhouette that shows before you upload a graphic. I had no problems up to now though.
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