Huge high-payload hexacopter

3689655999?profile=originalHi everyone!

I'd like to share with you the latest development of our small team - a high-load hexacopter project.

The design is intended to be a compromise between price, power and efficiency. The frame made from locally-sourced square aluminium profiles, motors, props and ESC's ordered from Taobao store, batteries from HobbyKing. 

Total weight is 20 kg, and according to the specs of the motors, the thrust should be around 60 Kg, meaning that it's theoretically possible to lift a 30 kg payload, although that hasn't been tested yet.


motors:         BD9340 100KV - super efficient motors!

ESC:            Hobbywing X-Rotor Platinum 80A

batteries:      6x 12000mAh 6S 10-20C 22.2V Turnigy Multistar ( in 12S config., giving 36Ah)

propellers:    3065 CF

FC:               Pixhawk

The tests that had been run so far:

A test with copter on a stand with 100% throttle on -     lasted 22 minutes.

A flight without payload to 3 km distance -                     used around 25% of battery capacity.

A flight with a 10 kg payload to the distance of 1.5 km -   used around 20% of battery capacity.

The last test gives us a probable total flight distance with a 10Kg payload of around 6 km.




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  • Great Unit.

    Looking forward for more test results

  • Thanks! 

    Well, if you're really curious, you could look up the parts at the stores that i mentioned. Especially Taobao, they have pretty sweet deals over there.

  • Very Nice copter :)

    Could you please share the prices for all the parts?

  • Thanks for the support!

    We'll keep developing this project further, with our next step potentially being the design of a new lightweight carbon fiber frame.

  • I like the shape 

  • Cool heavy lift unit. by the design of the frame , needs more blue LED strips  Do the Jewish people proud.. Just kidding

  • Hi, 

    Motor weight - 695gr and prop - 129gr, without screws.

    Thanks guys!

  • Hi, nice hexa!

    One quick question... what is the weight of one motor and prop?



  • Seeing it lift that tyre just makes me want to laugh...  kind of a nervous laugh seeing it so effortlessly hoist it up and fly off... it takes me back to the days of boot-camp fitness classes where the trainer made us run around carrying a tyre which I can assure you was massively exhausting! Awesome hexa!

  • Developer

    That's really great.  Best of luck and looking forward to more reports.

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