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  • Yeah here is the making of movie: 

  • So we are going with real on this one? Just looks so fake, I thought he would swing more when being lifted off the ground. Wish it would carry this guys off so we wouldn't have to see him again ;)

  • What I’d like to see is how this drone handles in various conditions… if it could carry injured people in an emergency situation where real helicopters would be too risky to fly (weather, combat zone, etc).

  • This guy is a complete cretin but got to admit this is awesome.  

    Also unbelievably dangerous to fly that size quad through populated town with lots of onlookers, anything went wrong and it would slice body parts up like a series of hot spinning knives through butter..

  • It's simultaneously super awesome, and incredibly dumb.

    Lots of respect for whoever built that machine though.  Very good job.  I've never seen one that big actually flying that well before.  I'm trying to figure out if they are using Ardupilot.  There's a how-to video where you can see the GPS puck.  It's round, not the square 3DR unit that would be a tell-tale.  It's black, not white. They could have painted a DJI GPS.  But I've also heard from several companies that DJI can't fly something that big.  It could be one of several alternate-brand GPS in a round case.  Drotek has one like that.

    *Note: Ardupilot devteam does not support or condone usage of Ardupilot on manned aircraft.

  • looks like so funuy ... but no body care dagereous...... 

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