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  • And here it seems to be in front of a tree, but if you check the video it's actually behind the tree :


  • Here too :


  • On some images, the drone seems to be visible through the trees. For example here its arm is completely visible through the trunk of the tree :


  • Nice catch John Arne (WKM)!

    Yeah, manual mode definitely the safest way to go for the reasons you mention. Also to possibly alleviate additional risk of reduced satellite visibility, given serious lean in forward flight, loosing  satellite lock just too risky.

  • Developer

    In my eyes flying in manual only makes it more legit. If you look at the scenarios they are flying with buildings, having adapt to changing situations, under slung payload that change weight depending on how you drag it etc. and on top of that consider how many potential sources of strong EMI there are in such a big copter, manual and an experienced pilot is the only thing I would trust.

  • Do you think that the 360 video could be fake or that it was legit but the drone was flown in manual mode ? I can't make my opinion on this video : it has every reason to be fake, but it's difficult to find any convincing clue.

    In particular the high altitude shots make me think of a dummy, but there's no clear evidence.

  • Developer

    Looking at 1:21 in the 360 video you can see a LED status flashing 3 red blinks. That would indicate a DJI WKM flown in manual mode with <5 satellites reception.


    He finished the 360 video, but none of the airborne footage came out. 

  • BTW motors of similar size and bigger, e.g. Hengli HL 9235 100kv can be had from aliexpress for $100-$150, I wonder how they compare to these KDE Direct quality motors.

    Also nice piloting in that video in the forest scenes and elsewhere.

  • @Rob: I don't know much about DJI stuff but this other guy with the manned 8x internal combustion engine copter actually uses DJI Nazas v2 for his builds and has one video where he's tuning the PIDs for the engines, so apparently that is possible.  His youtube canal is amazingdiyprojects.

    I think the figures in this latest talking video from Casey Neistat are not accurate though.  The machine has 16 8218XF motors each of which can provide a max of about 20kg thrust according to their testing data, so about 320kg total with some loss from the motor pairs being coaxial, so less than the claimed 1050lb.  Also the unloaded machine shouldn't be as heavy as 150lb as he claims but we have no clues on that.

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