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  • those are lots of reasons, jason, i have been thinking about some of them, i will run the debug program on the ardupilot to know hoy many miliseconds is the control switch writing, second y got rid of the servo wiggles in the startup, third i want to feed the ardupilot and receiver with a separate battery, fourth, i am reprograming the ESC to eliminate the cell auto sensing feature for the batery type (programing it with 3s battery), and also going to check every connection...
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    how long did this "strange" happen, did it happen multiple times?

    The only thing I can think of is the board rebooted causing the servo wiggles. This are symmetric and very short, so they should have no negative effect in flight. The only way the Ardupilot board can reboot like that is a brown-out, a power cycle or you flipped the control switch >5 times. You may have a bad BEC or a loose or broken wire feeding power to the system. Servo leeds can brake right at the crimp pin and be virtually unnoticeable. I have personally had at least 2 crashes because of this.

    If your control switch is near the threshold of switching, noise can cause the input to jump between values triggering the Mux to reboot Ardupilot. People who use the flaps knob have been known to trigger this.
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    Hi deigo, hate that feeling when you change from pilot to spectator! Not yet had an opportunity to join the uav crash club, however I'm working towards it!

    I have a theory on what may of happened, you may well have already tested this and if so I will go sit back in the corner and wait to learn something new :)

    Do you use the BEC from the ESC to power the AP and the servos?

    If you do use the BEC from the ESC could I ask you to set up the motor, servos etc just as they were before the sudden arrival of you airframe. With the plane on the ground, run up the motor to fight power with the AP in stabilization mode and move the control surfaces around with your RC in the same way the AP would do, if you could do this for about the same time you were flying for and see if the same type of fault occurs.

    The reason behind this thinking is I have had an ESC cut out on the BEC supply due to self protection when over heated/loaded, all well and good that the ESC was saved, however the plane was another story!


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    No, he's using the original ArduPilot. It crashed in manual mode, not auto. Probably a connection/RC problem...
  • I assume this is an APMega. Did you have "ENABLE_AIR_START" on?
  • i had conected only the ailerons and elevators to the AP in that moment, flying in manual mode at about 70 mts altitude, some 100 mts from myself, so, as you can see i find hard to consider a radio interference.....
    made two tries on the STABILIZE mode, both of them behave the same (UAV a little bit down and to the left), both cases went to manual with no surprises.

    after 7 minutes of flight, still plenty of power on the bateries, it made what i call a "strange", recovered and then another one, this time losing altitud, recovering low and me trying to bring the plane as stable as i could to the landing runway, in that moment at low altitud another strange.... all hapened so fast, throttle down the airplane and to the ground, not too much damage.... my first worry was the equipment on the UAV....

    have you lost radio contact for a while in mid air? or had an interference? it felt like that.... if i had a 72mHz fm radio in that moment i would say for sure it was an interference, someone turning on a same freq radio....

    i wrote chris asking if it was posible to eliminate the servo moving when the ardupilot reboots....i am pretty sure i prefer to blink a led that movin the servos in that way... (same way they do when powering up the thing).

    Note: i have a v tail, just tested a v tail mixer (between the ardupilot and the servos) at home yesterday and you have to see the way the elevators move when powering on the ardupilot, if i leave the mixer on the plane and it decides to reboot, i am sure it will make a snaproll, not funny to see in the air with this airplane, i prefer to see it on my CAP 580. :-)

    so, i want to get rid of those movements...
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    Can you be more specific about the details? Which control surface misbehaved, how long and was there a patter to it? You were in Manual when things went south? If you can be very specific, I can pinpoint the problem.
  • chris, thanks for the welcome!!!!!!!!!!!

    jason, 15 years flying, i was trying to test one thiong at a time, that is why today the first flight was with the servos conected to de receiver..... only testing video and telemetry......
    second one no video, no telemetry, just wanted to enjoy my flight and also test the stabilize mode....
    the faliure happened in manual mode, so, two options come to my head now, ardupilot rebooting (caotic for some reason) or radio interference....i dont think esc problem, i was in plenty control on the motor (not conected to ardupilot yet).
  • it was a really strange thing..... the first flight was without conecting elev and aile on the ardupilot and everything was ok, in the second i conected elev and aile and most of the flight was made in manual.... (have to tune up to keep the stabilize mode), so now i fave to figure out what happened, it felt like a radio interference, but i have a 9z with a 2.4 module.... so i think no interference possible...
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    If I had a dollar for every crash...

    I found that I used to be overly shy about going back into manual to save the plane. I would let the plane get into situations that were too difficult for such a lousy pilot like myself to get out of. Be more cautious and fly a little higher. If something isn't working, don't fuss to much in the air, just bring it back down and do more testing.

    As Chris said, I'm a little confused why the plane was behaving strangely while in Manual mode. This indicates something wrong with a servo, linkage, or your ESC cut out because of low voltage. Are you an experienced flyer? Let me know how I can help you through this.

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