Summer 2011,

  I Have A Dream:  See flying my Drone from it Antarctica.

  Dream of the meeting of timeless nature and technology.

  I designed for that a Drone, equipped with a APM1 (Thank you DIYDrones).


March 2012,

  I was on the Antarctica Peninsula,

  As in my dream, my Drone fly….



Engine and ESC: HobbyKing

Electronic: APM1 + Original Motherboard (Alim and Elec distribution)

Frame: Original Design, All with carbon fiber.

RC : WBCommander = Original Design, Action Direct by Telemetry ( XBee-Pro 2.4GHz).

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  • Very impressive Wilfrid!
  • @javio

    The Joysticks com from a cheaper TX of HobbyKing (~25$)

  • @Evie

    The little video of GoPro,


  • Simply awesome dream! Where can I checkout the go pro footage!?

    *Best   Evie

  • @Ellison

    No Code change to control Drone (APM1+Arducopter v210)

    All code is in WBCommander  (UC Arduino Mega + Soft Arduino V1)

    Yes, all is controlled by Joystick over telemetry link (MAVLink 0.9)

    It Work Great, and i can add many specifique control function !!!

  • Hey, did you have to do any code  changes to support the swept back motor configuration?  Nice custom controller too.  Are you using the Joystick over telemetry link?

  • @YureZzZ

    Go to Antarctica with a sailboat (16m), has to leave Ushuaya,

    Go Into the Wild for 5 Weeks...

    The Flight Time is around 17,5mn with Slow travelling and Power Batt = 5A 3S

  • Wow! Impressive!!!

    How did you manage to get to Antarctica? How was the flightime?

  • @Alonso:

    Yes, The First Advantages is The Front,

    The 2nd Advantages is The elegance, as a bird :)

  • @Wilfrid,

    Do you notice any advantages/disadvantage in having a frame that is not exactly a (+) shape?

    Certainly it's easier to tell where the front is.

    Love your video.

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