I just can't seem to kill my APM 2.5!!

She has been with me to over 100K feet on a weather balloon. Completely submerged in water after a ditch crash, and countless crashes that have destroyed frames and other components. I thought for sure, after my fire, she was dead. Almost threw it away. But.... Well.... not yet! Time to strap it on another aircraft. Just need to get some more of the plastic plug connectors that slide onto the pins.
*Edit* I say plane in the video, I meant quad.

I love this thing!!! Best 200 bucks I ever spent. Thanks 3DR!!


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  • I fried one, just by looking at it the wrong way. And yet the one I lawn-darted at 90kph is perfectly fine.

  • 8 full days underwater for mine. I had to learn not to buy cheap props the hard way...Broke one over the lake. My brother had to rent scuba gear to retrieve from a depth of 20 feet. The quad, apm and telemetry worked fine but the gps and flight battery did not. I was impressed.
  • I crashed my 2.0 countless times (sometimes it did itself)

    I hung it - with a plane - in a tree for 11 weeks in about the rainiest spring in Swiss history (vid)

    I shot it down from the tree with a golf ball cannon

    I zapped it with 12 volts from a defective BEC, then replaced just about everything connected to the 5V rail

    Then put it on a copter, which promptly took flew in a perfectly straight line into a roof (meaning to me, it can't have been a hardware error, then it would have tumbled)

    - and it's still alive



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    After my fire I rebuilt and competed in "Game Of Drones" demolition derby, now back to more videos, just got some cheap 11.5 x 5 carbon props from Banggood and GoPro video out connector, waiting for the storms to pass. My APM was just slightly toasted, your is truly fried...

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