I know how I am spending this weekend

3689437617?profile=original Woke up this morning and saw my shipment was sent...20 min later fedex at the door. I just received my new APM 2.0. One of the perks of living in SoCal is fast shipping from DIYDRONES. I got 2x so one is going into sim mode and the other one is sitting on the bench waiting for permission to board my 3DR.

Get Stoked,


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  • I envy you, but in a good way =) My Oilpan stopped working week ago =( I wish DIY drones would send some Xmas presents =)))))

  • Saw that. Not much happening in there. Hopefully it will get busy again. Ryan, we got to get this thing up and running again. I have guys here(JPL) looking at this. They are very interested in this. Need me one to get things rolling at work. Where is Santa?

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    Ryan, there's already one listed in the tabs above: 


  • @Randy We should create a greater Los Angeles user group. I'll see if we can make a user group on here or maybe I can set one up on a web server I have. 

  • Ryan, cool! I need to get my order in! Maybe we can get together fly them.

  • Super cool. but is it supposed to be avaiable Feb 2012? So now if ordered from DIYD, I can also get my own in a couple of weeks?



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    It would be worth tracking the git master code for your APM2. The dev team are doing a lot of development and bug fixes for the APM2 at the moment. I fixed a scaling error on the new MS5611 barometer driver yesterday for example. So keep up to date and make sure you let us know of any problems!

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    The manual will be up in the next few days.
  • Hi, will there be a wiki showing us how to connect the rc and motors/servos?
  • I am getting super excited.... butterflies in my stomach..... good for you! tell us how it goes!
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