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    But GSA is finding it difficult to adopt it due to cost atleast. GSA shares the target altitude( possible) with UAV , I wonder how long will it take to adopt it universally.
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    Well I think, but I'm not sure, that mode S is sort of the start of more advanced stuff.
  • I am hoping the comment in the article "bring the FAA into the 21st century" means more than updating the laws. I would like all of the ATC equipment and operating paradigm to be updated as well. Right now radar is used to skin paint targeted traffic and to initiate transponder responses. With the advent of web and mesh computing, we can apply the concept of mesh ATC to the the industry. This could affect the both the manned and unmanned aircraft. With WiFi and cell towers all over the country and a well established aircraft communications system world wide, we can use all of these methods to stay in contact with any air born craft. By bringing all craft to an updated system in the same manner we brought our TV system to the 21st century, we can increase reliability and add better altitude information for the controllers. Right now, there is no altitude information available on skin painted air craft. Something as simple as a smart phone with an ATC application on it could provide the position and altitude data to the controllers increasing safety and communications. In Italy they don't even use air craft radios in most of the small private aircraft. As long as they stay out of controlled air space and have a cell phone, their good to go. As the keymaker in Matrix said, "there is always another way". I hope the FAA can be as progressive as the FCC was in the TV thing and pop cork on the technology monster (genie?)that is taking over most other industries. Bravo to the FAA for being this progressive, see the coming wave of private and public service UAVs.
  • Finally reached the EU.

    Probably only for FedEx & UPS in the next decade.
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