If This Is Real.....WOW!

 R/C helicopter lifting a woman!

If this is real then it's quite a feat. Not to mention very dangerous.

I'd like to think that this is more than just great photoshop skills

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    I have no problem with this. Most important, everyone involved are willing participants. And the long ropes shows they have given it some thought as how to achieve the goal with an acceptable risk. Your average 3D pilot stands much closer and is 10 times more likely to get hit by his own helicopter, each time he flies.

  • Yes, they did testing leading up to this.  Each heli is capable of lifting 66 lbs:

    And that is with acrobatic blades.  Not high-lift blades.  So one of these things really could deliver a case of beer...

  • They did say in the detail that they did lots of tests before lifting the girl and had links to show what they did. So didn't try lifting a person without some testing.

    Not saying that there was no risk but when people first started to fly they took risks.

    They have just shown that it's possible to build your own jetpack (like Martin Aircraft) from 2 RC helicopters.

  • Ah, finally a video.  I saw photos of this stunt 2 weeks ago, but was waiting for the video before post.

    Yes, this is general silliness.

    Impressive demonstration anyway.

  • She's a tiny European.  Now let's see them lift the average single American woman.

  • In the credits there are not too many spaniards. I'm sorry and ashamed it has been filmed in my country... sadly it is true that there are many fools here, but the fact remains that a considerable number of stupidities committed in Spain are carried out by foreigners who come to our country in search of sun, beach'n fun and leaving the brain behind in their own countries to leave room enough for what they drink. (search for "balconing").

  • She didn't leave her handbag behind. Typically that would contain 2lbs of total junk.

  • Spain, the video was shot in Spain.

    It was an interesting demonstration of how far the technology has come in such a short time.

    Possible application --  Imagine a person in distress in the water. Why not fly out one of these 'haulers' with a life preserver hanging on it to the victim. They grab it and then the heli pulls them to shallow water.

    Neat video. Wonder if her stockings were snagged when she was dragged into that plant?


  • Those are 7-800 size helis running a 12s battery pushing near 160 amps of power.  Im sure they are capable of lifting 60 lbs each which is probably half that girls weight.  The machines themselves are easily 15lbs ready to fly.  They swing main blades 750-800mm each and are normally setup to a max pitch between 12-14 degrees.  That is the same size heli that decapitated a guy in NY central park last year.

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