If you want to see flights by others...

It seems the most of the bugs have been worked out, so I'm taking droneshare out of beta.  If you'd like to give it a shot it is now a standard feature of Andropilot, just pick a username and password in settings.


For instance, in the table above, here's the flights today (Norway, Canada and Estonia): 

(Also, if anyone is interested in hacking on droneshare - either the 'backend' or the javascript code, please send me a note and I'll share the git repo).




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  • mee too

  • Looks like the site is down. Keep getting a Application Error everytime I try to hit the main page. 


  • Great idea !

    But i have a question, i only have *.log files not *.tlog. Does it works with *.log files ?

    i'm trying to upload a *.log file but nothing happen at the end of the uploading

  • Wow...wonder what lipo Anon is using...:-)

    This is good. Bit like Stravas for RC's. Will it be integrated into Mission Planner proper?
  • I agree with Heli! :P I'm thinking someone took the Hobby to the next level and built a ArduFlux Capacitor...

  • Are we certain someone isn't operating a drone time machine?
  • nice work (syltet)

  • Cool.

  • Developer

    and yep, that flight that is 10000 years in the future indicates some buggy tracklog, but the webapp should have validated that... ;-)

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