I'm still confuzed on the power for the board

Hey guys I've fried 2 boards already, first one dunno why. The second time was a stupid impatient error of judgment. Anyways, unlike most of you I have a Nitro engine so no ESC. I'm tired of shorting my board so I want to make sure I understand 100% where my power can come from. I got my board in the mail yesterday, but the back is stamped 1-12-09. It looks like the new ones. I'm not a newbie to electronics, I'm just paranoid now. Thanks
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    @Ronald: Yes, if you switch the solder jumper to BATT you can connect a lipo straight to the BATT pins. It can handle anything up to 15v.
  • Hello, whats the maximum voltage that the board will accept, can I use a small Lipo (7.4v 300mah) instead of a 4.8v nimh pack or connecting to the ESC (its a Spektrum reciever and I dont want the ESC to overload)


  • You might consider using a fuse while experimenting.
  • Hi another option , i added pins for outputs three and four , and then for bench testing , i am just plugging an RX pack ( 4.8 volt ) into output 4 , you do not need to have the jumper switched for this setup , you can see the pins i added in the upper right hand corner , HTH
  • Thanks man, btw this is for my Senior Thesis so, you are going to be mentioned in the acknowledgments
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    A 4.8v Rx battery should work fine, but you'll have to configure the board to use it. Unsolder the solder bridge where it says "SVRO" and instead bridge it over "BATT". Solder two pins to ArduPilot Batt +- holes and plug in the battery, WATCHING the polarity. That should do it.
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