Impressive new camera gimbal

I'm a big fan and supporter of open source multirotors but this is just too impressive to pass. Too bad it is super expensive and out of reach for most hobbyists. Just wanted to share this with the community and see what they have to say about the the frame, gimbal and about DJI in general. 

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  • There is new Sony camcoder with better stabilisation than usual,never seen before...this one,Sony CX 730

    here is example from Mikrkopter forum

  • The DIYdrones community should develop something similar for a tenth the price..

  • Wow, impressive kit. What model Sony camera is that? I can't make out the model numbers on the video...

  • it was a matter of time before someone popped some steppers on a gimbal.  I think piezo motors are where its at though.  If only a serial interface to drive them from;)

  • Developer

    Since we are posting gimbal porn, this one is meant for R/C helicopters but the vibration dampening system is just ooohh..

  • DJI for 3500$ for 300gr. camera....pfff!..better wait for this

  • Developer

    The CineStar gimbal has a very simple design using carbon tubes and pipe clamps. Then you gear down some good digital servos using belts to get nice and smooth movements.

    Turns out it is very strong and lightweight, and has been proven to work very, very well.

    Same direction I am going in my next DIY build. Keeping it simple without sacrificing performance.

  • It looks really cool, and give me insperation to make one too, if you have access to a CNC machine, i am sure you can make it for a lot less.

  • I think part of the expensive of thi gimbal is its use of stepper motors instead of servos like other cheaper ones.  This means much more accuracy, and less vibrations.  The next step up in smoothness are gimbals that use steppers, and belts, in which case it's a flying robotic arm.  But then we're talking beaucoup bucks.

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    John Stuart: I agree to a certain degree. DJI is strategically pricing their products for high end applications. If you overlook the crazy camera angles possible by the Z15, a much cheaper system should perform just as well stability wise. But post stabilization will never give the same quality as a proper stabilized camera. Post is mostly used to fix small movements that the rig was unable to correct for.

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