Improved area scan tool with new version of UgCS



We have improved area scan tool of our software. Now you can set direction of "snake" any angle you like or require!

You can get UgCS for free at our site. Just register and download from the Products section!

Please be reminded that our offer for free polos in exchange for flight report is still on! Let us know what you think of UgCS. Especially things you don't like are welcome!

Here is more details on how to obtain UgCS polo for free:

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  • It is intended as commercial integration platform. Free UgCS Open version is just one of the products in our line. As we noticed that lot of guys build nice drones and there is plenty of payloads around, but when it comes to software they usually lack time or resources to make it decent. So we can come and customize our product for their particular needs put their name on it and in about 3 months they can ship full system with decent software to the market.

    Plus at the moment there are few options if u need single software for different kind of autopilots and types of drones. that is one thing we do nicely, multiple different drones on the same mission. Thus users can save time and money as operators have to learn just one software for whole fleet of their drones. Tailor made for their needs if necessary.

  • Hi Janis,

    I downloaded your software and played around for a bit; it looks nice. I must ask, however - what gap is this trying to fill? Is there something inherently different in UgCS than in Mission Planner, APM Planner, QGroundControl, etc? Genuinely interested - just wasn't able to ascertain this from your website.

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