IMUdino on Kickstarter -- a really tiny 10DOF IMU with Bluetooth. It was covered by Atmel blog.

The Kickstarter has 3 days left.

Surely there are UAV / Rover applications in addition to Minority Report style UI and Wearable applications, right?

Generally speaking it looks like a pretty neat product. Enough that I backed it so I could get one for myself. :)

I have been in touch with the guy behind all this over the last couple of years as a fellow seller on Tindie.com. He seems to be a good guy. He's been making these by hand to date, but it's quite a task for this unit, so he's hoping to start outsourcing assembly now, hence the Kickstarter.

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  • Developer

    Maybe we can do some DIY Gesture Control of a drone like this device https://www.thalmic.com/en/myo/

  • Really happy to see they made it, more than half in the last 3 days, fantastic.

  • They got funded, so we'll have the opportunity to find out what we can do with this.

  • Developer

    The biggest challenge with using this is the data rate over the Bluetooth LE connection. The theoretical maximum is 300Kb/s. But on smartphones BLE tends to timeshare the 2.4GHz radio TX period, so you have for example on iOS, 50kb/s max. This is just what happens when you have three technologies, BLE, Bluetooth, and WiFi, all working in close proximity.

    It will depend on the application, and you can do some data processing on the ATMEL uController. It will be interesting to see what can be achieved. Seeing a 32Bit Controller on the device could offload more of the data analysis from the connection.

  • 3D Robotics

    Looks good. I've backed it.

  • Well, I've backed it - we'll see.

  • Great little device, unfortunately they set their goal to high.

  • @Gary, yeah right there with you. I really want to play around with it. Well, hopefully somehow there will be a surge of interest in the final days. Who can say? :)

  • This could be a very useful little device, it is really too bad it's funding has so little time left.

    With a bit more time and promotion it could probably have made it.

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