In progress APM/UDB Mission Planner


Yet another mission planner in the works, i dont personally use either AP as i am creating my own.
As part of my dabblings i am creating an offline mapping tool etc for my GCS which i though might be useful to others. It's written in C# and leverages a fair few different map sources and caches the images to disk for offline use.

Needs .net 3.5 framework to run.

Right click to drag the map.

Grab it from here

- and yes it is very much a work in progress (read full of bugs and missing fluff)



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  • Nice, yes would love to see the source thanks
  • Yes please justin. Looks good
  • Any one who wants the current source C# spagetti send me an email and i'll send the VS project.

  • Nice work with the maps

    Please share so we can all learn from your work.
  • Hello,
    nice work!

    could you share the source code.
  • Bet the weather is nicer on your side of the pond....Hertfordshire is rather gray at the moment...
    Anywho if enough people are interested i can place it in source control (Source Gear Fortress) for people to play with, if not i can send you a zip with all the fluff in it. And yes, due to having written it this morning it is held together with Sellotape and bubble gum...
  • Nice. I develop c# too. Any chance to have the source code (I know, I know: I don't like to show my code while still in progress too...)?
    I like the way you're loading the maps: Really a lot of different maps can be loaded. I btw: I live in the upper right corner of the maps shown in the picture above..
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