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   I wanted to share something i was working on for some time and get some feedback on the design.

I was looking how to make a frame for fpv with focus to ease of use and functionality, after quite some thinkering i've got to this point shown in renders, this is just a working model renders, incomplete but the core idea is there.

  Considering it is a mini frame design, it shows small fc, but the synergy yielded by bottom(power system train) and top(control and vision feed bridge) enables mounting of all sort of fully featured flight controllers as APM in between segments while remaining protected and easy to access.

  Canopy is implement for incrised aerodynamics, keeping air moisture away from electronics and wiring in FF, make it easier to train LOS flying, help a spotter in fpv assemble maintain visual and ofc while flying with your mates maintain visual on eachother much easier.

   For its size, the frame construction has amazing fitting capacity, it can take apm with gps, radio reciever and video transciever, camera, osd, bec, 4x 20A afro slims(overpowerd but wise for hot summers and weight allows it), telemetry and stunning battery compartment 12cmx4cm x 2,7cm. Central frame construction bounding box is only 20cm long, 5cm wide and 8cm height!  Nearly everything is "armor tanked" by construction, figures as inspiration for me was the armadillo animal hehe.

  However antennas placement is in revision, altho giving almoste perfect LOS to GCS in model 360degree placing screeming video transciever antenna next to radio reciever is a big fail, for a mini sure no problem but it can be done better. 

   So let me know what you guyz think about the design, thoughts, suggestions?



latest renders.




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  • I really like it. What program did you use to draw it?

    I do agree, the antennas need to be separated which could take away from the awesome if not done right

    I know this is still in the works, but I think you will need to improve the attachment point for the arms, another clamp further in the chassis should help.

  • nice frame! if use 3D print, easy to bulid!!

  • I like it!
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