Golden, CO

About Me:

I'm a mechanical engineering student at Colorado School of Mines. I started getting into RC when I designed and made a hovercaft.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Just starting with UAV's and RC planes/quads/helis in general. Right now I working with a club at school (The Blaster Hackers) and we have a quad up and running.



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Spencer commented on Dragan's blog post In search of design functionality!
"I really like it. What program did you use to draw it?
I do agree, the antennas need to be separated which could take away from the awesome if not done right
I know this is still in the works, but I think you will need to improve the attachment…"
Feb 15, 2014
Spencer replied to Jake Simon's discussion Kill Switch in Auto Mode
"It would be nice to have a combination of what Jake and R_Lefebyre are saying.
One switch that would kill the motors in one position and prevent you from killing them in the other position. If anyone figures this out let me know, I'd love to have…"
Aug 28, 2013
Spencer replied to Spencer's discussion Swashplate setup on flybar system
"I should mention that before I flipped the blade grips I had everything working smoothly. I think the problem comes from the fact that the swashplate now moves down to pitch the blades positive and vice versa. "
Aug 15, 2013
Spencer posted a discussion
So I'm setting up a 450 clone with a flybar system. I flipped the blade grips so the linkage is on the leading edge of the blade (I heard this is better mechanically).To get the swashplate to respond properly to my radio I had to reverse all three…
Aug 14, 2013
Spencer commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Great report from the Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo; focus on agriculture
"Very interesting article. I've seen and heard more and more about using SUAS for agriculture. I think this is a great way to show everyone how SUAS can benefit society. "
Jul 28, 2013
Spencer replied to Mike R.'s discussion Oilpan died after a dozen flights, while getting ready to fly again..
"I'm having a similar problem. My quad was working fine for several flights when last week I ordered a 3DR 900MHz radio and connected it up. When I plugged in the battery pack the motors armed but then wouldn't spin up. I noticed the ABC lights on…"
Mar 23, 2013