The UAV is a combination of a plane and helicopter. Therefore it is capable of hovering and vertical take off/landing, just like a helicopter but it can also tilt forward to achieve horizontal flight the same as an airplane. This is done in order to maximize the distance and the speed of such an aircraft.


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  • Yes. APM 2.0 was used for this project. 

  • are you working on apm2 to work with it

  • We used this design as source of inspiration. However, I think that hypertaxi is pretty difficult to fly at a fixed point. 

  • Indeed. In forward flight it tilts and uses the lift provided by the wing to fly like a plane.

    This is more efficient than an helicopter because  it can reach high speeds, while the throttle needs to be reduced significantly thus less power consumption.

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    Ok, so hover is like prop hanging and forward flight like normal forward flight in an aeroplane, i.e. not at all like a helicopter?

  • Actually, nothing happens. The forward flight is just a type of fly by wire. 

    So, by default the position of the aircraft is in hover mode. In order to fly it more like a plane, the controller maintains the position given by the control sticks, when the control sticks are released, it comes back to hover. 

    But, roll is still roll and yaw is yaw as the axis are not changed. 

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    What happens during and after the transition from hover to forward flight when roll becomes yaw and yaw becomes roll?

  • It is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle since it does not have a human on board.

    However it is not yet capable of autonomous flight, but controlled with a remote. 

    Thank you for the link.

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    The previous link, took you people to the end of the thread.

    Here is alink to the start of the VTOL thread, where the videos are linked.

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