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Have you asked yourself "It would be great if I could get this part, but smaller" or "i could use this but it needs extra flanges or tubes or whatever" then you're in luck

check it out - you get instant part price quoting from the ***FREE*** CAD software program

A little patience goes a long way!

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  • If you need, can use or no anyone who can use the same part you will save per part big time to order 5 or more. For my part I am looking at having done it was around $172 plus shipping. If I order 5 of them it was under $190 before shipping and only about $15 more to add a 6th part if I remember correct. The price per part drops drastically when you go from 1 to 5 or 6 parts!

  • Possibly even more appropriate for this site- is Pad2Pad, a PCB design and creation company related to emachineshop. Check it out, and if nothing else, its another venue for PCB design and exploration for DIY'ers.
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    Good link by Robert White. $208 for the single part doesn't seem much cheaper than a 3d printed part but presumably the finish & strength is better.

    Looks like eMachineShop hasn't taken the latest enlightened step that other DIY manufactoring sites like BatchPCB, Shapeways have taken in which customers are allowed to post (and sell!) their own designs to others (with the hosting website making it's money off the actual manufacturing).

    Still, another potential tool allowing us DIY-selfers to build whatever we need. I might give it a try.
  • maybe this a good way to manufacture the parts needed to build a RepRap...
  • Has anyone use this service?
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