For my FPV projects I wanted a system that is easy to install in different vehicles. I always disliked that the FPV control of PAN/TILT systems used additional channels of my primary rc tx.

So I decided to build and integrated system that works independently from the RC and/or UAV setup. It should have and own receiver for controlling at least 2 cameras, a video downlink and a OSD controller for telemetry data. The ground unit had to be compact like a RC TX.

Actually I finished the system and I can control 2 cameras. One is a classic pan/tilt front camera with a GO Pro HD Hero live feed that can be moved by the head-tracker or by joystick. The second camera is a ripped CCTV with 30x optical zoom as belly/dome camera. I’m actually working on the stabilization of that one. I test the system with an old RC car using as receiver the remote unit itself.

The result is following:

Ground station/unit:


  1. 5.8Ghz Video receiver
  2. 8 ch 2.4Ghz Corona RC TX DIY Module
  3. Eagle Tree Diversity ground station
  4. Arduino duemilanove with LCD to control the 2.4Ghz TX module
  5. Arduino mini to encode the ppm signal from a GY-1000 HK head-tracker encoding it again into a new ppm stream for the 2.4Ghz TX module.
  6. Fat Shark video goggles
  7. 3”  LCD monitor
  8. Internal 11.1V Li-Po or external 12V power supply
  9. Joysticks from an old walkera radio
  10. Still open: Tripod with 5.8 GHz patch antenna with tracking system

Getting the ppm decoder was really hard. Most examples didn't worked at all. I mainly had to work with interrupts, but sending the head tracking position data to the primary arduino was really hairy. I finally generated analog signals, added a filter to make them "real" dc and read them with the main arduino.

Remote unit:


  1. 200mW 5.8GHz Video Transmitter
  2. 2.4 GHz Corona 8Ch receiver
  3. 2Ch Video switch (on Ch7)
  4. Eagle Tree OSD pro
  5. Eagle Tree eLogger V4
  6. HK 6A 5V ESC

The unit is quiet heavy. I guess at least 180g. But I don’t use it on small vehicles. I overall satisfied because now I can install an FPV system on planes and helicopters of friends and act as “passenger”. I never ever fly in FPV mode: I have always a pilot buddy or I’m the pilot and my buddy the passenger. 

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  • HiMarco,

    I love your job. I still have some old futabas and JR radio. I would like to make something like yours.

    Do you thinkyou can share the ideas with the rest of us.

    Anyway, carry on man, good job.

    de9W2AC zol

  • I know this is an old post, but I just found it on Google: Seriously NICE job!

    It would be very interesting to see how this project has progressed over the last 2 years.

    Please? Thanks!

  • Excellent idea and excellent job, welldone !!!



  • Very nice, thanks for the great pics. It would be awesome if you could upload a video of it in action.
  • Looks good, would love more info a wire diagram maybe.  I would love to something like this.  Youve done a great job, keep up the DIY's!!!
  • Developer
    Thanks any picture is good !
  • Just pressed it into and closed :-))

    No seriously. I buyed the box and found out that it was a bit too small. That confirmation of the murphys law happens in 100% of my projects. So if I open it, it will show a whole chaos of cables and pcb's in impossible positions. The renote unit has not even a cubic millimeter of space free. Anyway I will publish a scheme of the modules I used. Regarding the cost I gues it isn't a bargain. The most I spent was for the eagle tree and fat shark stuff. Some parts were surplus I already had. Arduino boards are cheap and the Corona DIY module is really a bargain. Combine with any old joystick and you have a custom made 2.4 GHz. Sadly  don't use to take pictures during the build phase, but I have an image taken with the iPhone.


  • Developer

    Well integrated project, Any more build info would be appreciated.

    How did  you mount all this stuff in that little box? 

  • Nice work, Marco!


    Would you be willing to make a build log for this project?
  • Wow, that is awesome!

    How much did it cost to build?

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