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  • That's a lot of effort to protect a teleprompter.
  • I work near Chicago and about a year ago Obama came back home for a couple of days. Thats when I learned of the 30 mile restriction from the FAA website. That day the TFR went into effect around 1:00 I think. I was surprised that it prohibited every think but kites and homing pidgins. I work near a fly in community and all ways see planes landing or departing. That morning there were none. On my lunch break I drove to the RC field nearby witch is part of the Cook Co. forest preserve and just inside the 30 mi limit. There was one older guy there cleaning his plane. I told him of the TFR and he couldn't believe it.He said he only flw a short time cause it was cold and windy. He left and I returned to my car and saw a dark colored helicopter flying strait for the field. I watched it and then the park police drove in rather quickly, stopped and looked around. Seeing no one flying he left. The helli flew all most to the field and then did a 180 and returned towards the city.
  • Shutting down RC fields for that reason is ridiculous. Those are the least likely to harbor a "terrorist". It's the same b.s. as with gun control (restricting legit citizens' right to defend while ignoring illegal gun owners, ala UK).
  • It's not so extraordinary at all... And yeah, I'm sure they have jammers...
  • The AMA sent out a notice to the Minneapolis area last year via email... When Barrack came to town. The defined airspace was also 30 miles in radius.
  • playing with fire? Michael., a small park flyer far far away may get away but its your ar... , Does anyone know if they run jammers while in air ??
  • If the RC plane doesn't go higher than 100 feet or fly too near an official vehicle, will it even get noticed or anyone care?
  • Please Keep him when he arrives.
  • Ridiculous....
  • That doesnt surprise me, although I saw this morning that Obama was delaying his trip here to Australia till June because of their health care bill going through congress...
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