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    Peter, just a few quick comments from me:

    - apologies accepted, no worries. likewise, apologies for being abrupt in my post.

    - I'm agreeing with Ellison that the talk was tending towards politics. as you know economics=politics there.  And as such, a non-topic here.

    - I'm actually quite interested in the subject.  I worked and lived there from 97-01, where I was the chief software architect of the china internet.

    - Joshua is, I believe, a new moderator.  The consensus on the moderator thread is that he made a mistake and did not follow our accepted practice.

    - all moderator discussion happens here: . If there's a secret moderator cabal, I'm not senior enough to be part of it!

    - I'll fix the title... Joshua sent me the correction yesterday, but I hadn't gotten around to updating it.

    - and of course, thanks for being a long-time contributor and bringing up something you felt was awry.

    Cheers all around,


  • Ellison,

    Thank you for clearing the air, it was no ones intent to go off topic. We did not discuss world politics. We discussed economics in regards to why attack drones of military spec are on sale on Alibaba from China manufacturer tied to Military. That was all, I am sorry you feel we did go off topic, but I do not feel we went any where near off topic. I would suggest we try to temper moderation with openness in the future, that is why we all come here to interact. I would not want to see season member start to feel this is no longer an open place to talk and discuss our hobby and passion. I wish I could concur on the mistake portion of the post, but Joshua was quite clear he deleted it and "Stands Behind that decision" to me that is not a mistake, that is Censorship and should not be condoned or supported by other moderators. That is all I will say on this matter. Cheers!

  • Peter, I totally agree with your idea about this being a public forum.  However, in internet society, there are social etiquette. One of those is not to hijack threads on a discussion.  If we want to start a discussion on how world politics relate to drones, we could start our own discussion for that.  Mark was well within internet etiquette to point out that the thread was going off topic.

    As for Joshua deleting the initial post, I considered it a mistake because we, as moderators had decided in the past not to delete posts, without consulting the rest of the group first.  Joshua is quite new, and did not know of this policy. We as moderators, all have diverse opinions on various matters, but we try coordinate this to provide a consistent user experience, but that is not always the case.  Please bare with us.  Now, let's not continue to go of topic for this discussion.

  • @Mark, I apologize for assuming you deleted it - sorry for that. I still stand by my initial response on the relevance of the our responses on this discussion. Now @ Ellison, clearly from Joshua's comments it was not a mistake the deletion of the original post by Kevin Hester at all. Again, I have seen some moderators lately in here get a belief that they can do whatever they want, delete posts, attack posters, drive the conversation, suppress the conversation/end it. This is an open community, we have rights to post in a responsible manner. Nothing said in my posts was out of scope for the OP itself. We were discussing Economics in relation to the selling of Attack Drones on Alibaba by agencies working on behalf of chinese military industries as is the case with this company in regards to the OP on attack drones for sale on Alibaba, we were not discussing political opinion or thoughts. I also was not the first to post on this angle of the discussion, and I stand by my post as appropriate for this topic. Now on the issue of Joshua deleting the initial post by Kevin, I find this most disturbing that you as moderators think you can delete what you do not like. I have been a member of DIYDRONES since it started, we come here to share, discuss and bring our own opinions and insights to discussion. The initial post Title was: "Attack Drones on Alibaba" How about we get the title fixed, stop deleting posts and let a forum run in a proper manner. @Joshua, you do not have the right to censor because you think you can, I would highly suggest you think before you take action on other OPs in the future. This discussion is relevant to the OP and should not have been deleted the first time, nor should a moderator have chimed in this time to drive the discussion in a certain direction or angle that they feel is more appropriate. And please moderators stop covering up for yourselves, you made a mistake - admit it and apologize and move on. 

  • I'm the one who deleted the blog and I still stand by deleting it after reading what has all been said in here...

  • Ok Peter, let's not start with personal attacks on Mark.  I happen to know that the original post was deleted by mistake, and not by Mark.  He's the one that resurrected it for us.

  • "attack drones on Alibaba" just lol.

    same as strategic ballistic missile on ebay.

    there is no *attack drones* - it just dealer marketing freak - tipically for china market =)


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  • The discussion moved towards economics in support of why they are selling attack drones on Alibaba. So the direction of the discussion is quite relevant to the post Mark. It was not going outside of how it relates to why a drone would be on the market (Military Grade) from China to common civilian purchasers. That is why Dave went there, and that is why I responded as well. So again, make sure you are moderating, not stearing or directing conversation the way "YOU" would like it to go or NOT go. Especially since you deleted it earlier from the original poster in the first place, probably for "YOUR" own feeling on the direction the first discussion was going. IMHO!

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